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Project 52 2023 week 1

A new year, and we’re back for Project 52. I love doing this because it means I can keep my blog personal. Although I’ll see how it goes through the year. I’m going to continue with a photo for the week (although maybe I will get round to taking more photos at some point!). With a summary of goings on for the week.

Here’s week 1 of Project 52 for 2023.

Sunday, New Year’s Day was uneventful. The OH has the horrible cold that’s going round so that’s fun. Hopefully it won’t drag on too long like other people’s have. We stayed at home, read, watched tv, and just generally mooched. 

Monday was another bank holiday, and we basically wasted it. I wish I’d dragged N out somewhere as the OH was still ill. I did read the best part of 2 books, and went on a bit of a Kindle spending spree to treat myself.  I’ve not bought any books for 2 months, but these will keep me going for months. 

On Tuesday it was the first day back at work which was fairly quiet. The OH was well enough to go out to work. N spent most of the day on screens with a quick trip to a country type shop with his Gran.

Wednesday was back to school. An early morning start that was a bit of a shock. And work  is starting to get busier. Football training was a shock to the system as well. Lots of running after 2+ weeks off. It was nice to chat to some of the other parents too.

On Thursday it was a busy stay. It started off with us missing the bus. It was leaving the village as we drove in. It turned out that despite the timetables and news update saying there was no change to the times this year, they’ve actually moved the bus 10 minutes earlier. So 3 kids missed the bus. We turned round and followed the bus to the next village and were able to catch it there. It means the kids now get to school before 8am but we can’t do anything about that given it’s a local bus service.

It was the first secondary school parents evening. An hour of online appointments which worked well. Crikey, the teachers make me feel really old. They were very pleased with how N’s doing and how he’s started. If he carries on the same, he’ll be doing well.

Friday, the bus saga continues. It seems the early start was a one off, as all the info on the website and app are back to the original timings. Sigh. I’ve requested clarification. But it’s all very bizarre.  Our tennis group was cancelled because by our time the rain had arrived and the wind had increased too much. Sad because I’ve missing seeing all the other parents and we’ve missed so many weeks due to the weather.

On Saturday it was a miserable morning, and of course there was a football match. The pitch was a mud bath, and we were playing a team way up their division. 2 goals on the board, but our team struggled with passing on such a muddy pitch, and it was another loss.

This week’s photo is my Duolingo. I’m back doing spanish again, mainly to see what I can remember from school and to see what I can learn as N’s learning at school. My competitive side comes out!

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  1. Hope you enjoying reading the new books on your Kindle. That’s annoying about the bus with it changing one day and back to normal the next. Glad you were able to pick it up at the next village and hope that the timetable has got sorted out now. Good luck with doing Spanish on Duolingo. I quite like using it to learn French and Welsh. Have done a little bit of Spanish too but not kept up with that one. #project365

  2. Geeeee, your local bus service sounds a nightmare, I’m glad I’m not reliant on one. Hope the OH has fully recovered and here’s to a break in the weather for football and tennis

  3. Going back to the school run is such a shock to the system. I wonder what is going on with the buses. That’s all you need. Little E will have to use a bus now that we have moved. It will be interesting and new for us. Good luck with the Spanish. We had to take French at school. I wanted to learn Italian.

    1. I learnt French first too, then we split into either Spanish or German, and luckily I did Spanish. Definitely makes it easier when you’ve learnt one already. Like N learning French at primary and Spanish at secondary

  4. The whole bus things sounds like a nightmare!

    It has been a shock to the system getting back into a routine after 2 weeks off and doing absolutely nothing!

    So much illness going around at the moment. Glad your OH is feeling better.

  5. I love doing Project 365. It helps record the normal, everyday moments.
    I am glad your OH is feeling better now. My youngest still isn’t right after having that nasty cold.
    Ugh! The new bus times do sound a bit silly especially since the kids are at school that early. hahaha! I always feel so old when it comes to meeting my youngest girls teachers. There’s one who’s just a couple of years older than my eldest. Well done N.
    Good luck with the Spanish. x

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