frozen tulip in ice

Frozen flower photography – project 52 2018 week 10

This week I finally managed to try out frozen flower photography.

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Frozen flower photography was a topic recently in Emma Davis’ A Year with my Camera graduates group.  If you want to get off auto, then I totally recommend Emma’s free course AYWMC You can do the course totally free like I did (hmm, well, I’m not sure I ever really finiished the practical side in 2 years of reading the email lessons), or buy the year with my camera workbook alongside.

It turns out photographing frozen flowers is really difficult. From working out what water works best, how to float the flowers near the top, and then how long to freeze (not long – mine was in far too long).  But it was an experience, and it’s quite intriguing to see the ice bubbles and streaks when it doesn’t go right.  More practice needed I think.  Plus I need a bigger pot and smaller more open flowers to get a better view of them.  This tulip was a little dead to begin with, but ou can still see the petal detail.

frozen tulip in ice

The rest of the week was a bit of a wash out thanks to N having a rash from Monday evening. I forgot to check it on the Tuesday, and wasn’t til bathtime the OH reminded me, and we noticed it was more pronounced. A bit like a heat rash, presumably viral with no other symptoms like you’d expect.  He went to school on Wednesday after an early call to check with 111 – they just suggested antihistimine but no bad diagnosis.  But Wednesday at school it got worse especially on his face.  So a quick trip to the doctors to get it properly checked.  But same diagnosis.

I kept him off on Thursday as it got worse again (luckily I can work from home), and Friday it was worse again – down his legs and blotchier on his arms and face. So a repeat trip to the doctor to check that the thraot infection that had threatened to appear earlier. Thankfully the inflamation looked better so not a problem. He was sad to miss his class assembly but had said he really didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to stand up in front of everyone with his face rash. I tried to compare his temporary rash to what some people have to walk round with every day, but I’m not sure he grasped that.

So a different week, and hopefully, we’ll be totally back to normal next week.

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  1. Oh would never have thought to take pics of frozen flowers. Have signed up to the free course! Need help with my photos!

    Hope the rash has gone now!

  2. Wow what an interesting project. Who would have thought frozen flowers could look so good. Hope N is better now.

  3. Poor N! Glad the rash wasn’t anything too bad, but sorry to hear he had to miss school and felt self-conscious with it. Hope it’s cleared up now. I’ve never heard of freezing flowers or photographing them!

  4. Hope his rash clears up, and yes can see both sides of that discussion, but he will not have enough maturity to realise your view point.
    I did start that course the last two years but gave up as never had the time, need to give up blogging and start again next year.

    1. I’m terrible for starting and not finishing courses. At least that was a free one. I’ve got 2 I’ve not completed, and 1 massive one that cost me a fortune that I need to start, and haven’t. Want to sort my theme and blog structure out first and then will start the big course.

  5. Hope N’s rash clears up soon. I subscribed to Emma’s course last year, but never really followed anything, just no time. I keep all emails in a file, and hope one day to slowly read them properly. I don’t remember anything on frozen flowers, but I could have easily missed that. Such a fascinating image.

    1. The frozen flowers is in the grads challenges – she set that group up this year to avoid everyone staying in the main group so beginners don’t get put off. It’s more creative with a challenge/theme each month. Much harder to do!

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