Festival and garden fun with a Loubilou Toby Wagon giveaway

I’ve been to a couple of festivals (mostly as a day visitor), and have always been in awe of anyone with a wagon to pull around their gear, tent, food, child and more.  Ok, at first I was a bit blase because pulling a lump like N around a festival site would be quite a good workout, but the more I’ve seen them, the more I’ve thought they were a great idea.

As for the children themselves, I’m sure any child would love to take ownership and take over pulling one around the site – especially if N’s love of supermarket trolley’s is anything to go by.

So when Loubilou approached me to work with them, and in particular to offer a Toby Wagon as a competition prize on my blog, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve not told N because he’d be wanting me to fix it so we could win, but obviously I can’t enter!


If you’ve never seen one of these Toby Wagons you are missing a treat.  The one I have to give away is the All Terrain pull along Toby Wagon, one of the classic American style pull along carts that’ll never date, and well built to last a lifetime.

With air tyres it’s perfect for uneven ground, so if you’re not a festival lover, gardening, play or a trip to the park is suddenly more exciting.  I know N would use the wagon to pull around his soft toys, or for storage for his tractor toys, or even for helping me out with the gardening, and putting his tools inside.  My brother suggested using one for a planter, but I think a wagon should really be used for the correct usage, and not for plants to make the most out of it.


The prize that’s available is all steel, but with rounded corners, and comes ready and easy to assemble.  At 32 inch in length, and 13 inches wide, it’s plenty big enough to store what you’d need for a long weekend away with wooden sides to help keep the contents securely inside the cart.

Red in colour, it’s the perfect neutral colour for anyone to use.  Great for play as well as the practical use transporting items.  When my brother saw them, he mentioned they’d be great to use as a planter in the garden too.  I’m not sure I’d use one as that, but it would definitely be a great focal point in the garden.

If you want to win one, all you need to do is tell me in the comments, what you would use the wagon for should you win.


  1. UK entry only, over 18s
  2. Giveaway closes 14/04/2015 11.59pm
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There is 1 prize of an all terrain pull along Toby Wagon.
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications shared on social media.
  7. Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address within 3 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  8. Prize will be sent out within 45 days of receipt of address details.
  9. This giveaway may be featured on The Prizefinder, Loquax and Superlucky

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Disclosure: We have been offered this prize to give away. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh my son would probably try to transport his sister in this! Or the dog! He’d love to use it for transporting his toys 🙂

  2. I would let my son use it in the garden. He was would fill it with lots of things he finds (hopefully just toys!)

  3. My son would love this for transporting all his “stuff” (and most probably his sister too when I’m not looking!)

  4. My brother’s girlfriend has just had their first baby together. She already had 2 little boys. The boys are being great with baby Ariana. They know they need to keep putting their toys away and being tidy to keep room for Ariana’s stuff. They’d use it in the house to transport toys in and out of their room when they are using them and when they are finished with them.

    When the weather changes (it snowed a little last week) they’d mostly use it for taking items out into the garden.

    I haven’t begun to think about taking them on trips and using it…

  5. id take it to my mothers she loves gardening and she cant carry much anymore so she could use this to help her plus when we visit the kids can use it to help her too 🙂

  6. We would love this in the summer for beach days and my daughter would love it in the garden with her toys

  7. general every day use in the garden (sure the kids will love helping with that…..) and that very special trip to dorset steam fair (perfect for daily supplies and when the kids get too tired to walk anymore) xx

  8. This would be perfect for my little girl to pull around nanna and grandys garden. She loves to help grandy in the garden and has lots of gardening tools that would full the wagon up perfectly 🙂

  9. my son would use it to move all his toys from one room to the next. The plus side is that I could use it to carry them all back to his room at once.

  10. This would be great for taking trays of plants to my allotment and my children would have great fun with it too

  11. I think I’d give it to my mum for out in the garden to save her lifting and carrying things, plus it looks fun to use!

  12. gorgeous looking wagon indeed I have a little puppy whoget tired easy,this would ideal to put him in when walking out also great for a little bit shopping too as I,m a carer I,ma bout a lot getting knicky knacky noos great help this would be

  13. I’d use it for all the garden toys scattered in the garden being a sore in my OCD eyes

  14. I’d give it to my friend who lives in a city and has a newborn and little boy. This would be perfect for them 🙂

  15. My son would love this for taking a picnic to the local park. He can take as much stuff as he wants because I won’t be complaining about carrying it all.

  16. My daughter would most likely use it to put her dolls into on our daily walks!

  17. I think my youngest would love it for her toys, or we’d all use it for going to a nice spot for a picnic.

  18. It would be great for the children to take into the garden to pick up and store all the toys littering the lawn and for taking toys to the park.

  19. This has been on my son’s wish list for a while, so that he can help Daddy in the garden with stacking logs. Much bigger and better than his wheelbarrow!

  20. I would let me 3 and 5 year olds share this. my daughter has been desperate for one of these since she seen matilda have one in the film

  21. My grandson always want’s to help no matter what it is, so this would be brilliant now the summer is coming, he can pop all my veg plants in there out from the propagator and green house and transport them up my large garden to the veg patch, he will be in his oils (and me, no back ache) lol.

  22. I would give it to my grandson who would put his toys around in ,he would love it

  23. My son would be heaven with on of these, it would be used to pull everthing about no doubt!!

  24. I would use this for getting bit and bobs (including my little boy) to and from the allotment, and also for carrying our hoard of camping stuff at festivals. I know jack would love pulling this around the garden too giving his toys a ride around!!

  25. This would be fab for my little ones to take in the garden with all the favourites… My little pony for my daughter, and cars/dinosaurs for my son 🙂

  26. My little boy Matthew would love one of these super wagons to carry around his gardening tools and toy tractors and cars 🙂

  27. My grandchildren would use it in the garden – they love helping and this would be great fun and very useful too

  28. I’d like to take my young grandson to Cornbury Festival this year, and this would be great for him to ride around in!

  29. My four year old would have great fun with this I know for sure she would but all of her teddies in this and take them all around the garden!

  30. The red truck would be used for walks out sometimes my little 5 year old gets tired so we all end up taking turns carrying her. Also when we are out and about she has this thing about collecting things leaves stones twigs so it would be great having somewhere to put them thanks.

  31. This lovely little red truck would be so perfect for my 6 year old boy and 2 year old little girl,as when we go to the beach they insist on bringing Dinosaurs,cars,and dollies and lots of spades and buckets etc,so would be ideal to pop them all in this,and sit my little girl Too!Thanks for your great blogs and lovely giveaways!!X

  32. To help the school Gardening Club to get our tools too and from the allotment which is half a mile away…

  33. My son would love to ride in this when his legs get tired on walks and i’m sure there’d be a few toys in there with him

  34. Jorgie would put her dolls and teddies in it and Cody would put his dinosaurs in it….as well as eachother at some point no doubt 😉

  35. Got a feeling my little dog would have some journeys in this, otherwise toys.

  36. I would keep it in my conservatory then I could wheel my sons toys outdoors on a nice sunny day x

  37. This would be amazing for my two young nieces!! They’ve just moved in long-term with my mum, as their parents can’t care for them any more. It’s a huge commitment on my mum’s part, and she’s been a total star, but there’s been so much to get done in order to make sure they settle in well and quickly.

    My mum loves gardening, and grows lots of organic fruit and veg in her gardens, as well as plenty of flowers. This Wagon would be an absolutely amazing gift for my nieces as it would give them a wonderful prop by which to claim their own sense of ownership over the garden – they could use it for wheeling their toys in and out (there’s a disabled ramp access to the house), and could even use it to “help” my mum with the garden by doing things like picking strawberries, plums, and other goodies and putting them in it.

    I really think a gift like this would be a great way to help them get settled and make my mum’s place really feel like their home. And she’s put in such a huge effort into committing to their futures that a gift for them like this would make her cry some really happy tears! 🙂

  38. I’d give it to my 3 year old little boy, and I’m sure he would use it every. Where from the garden to a trip to the local shops. This wagon looks so gorgeous he would love it so much


  40. My grandson would use it to put the eggs in when he has collected them from the chickens

  41. Becoming instantly the best aunty in the world whilst also finding the perfect solution for a lazy english bull terrier who really doesn’t want to walk!!

  42. I would pick up all the bits of sticks and branches that my granddogs chew and shred when they come to play in my garden. The grandchildren would find that great fun!

  43. Definitely the beach, With 3 children to navigate their safely plus all the bags to carry this would be just perfect.

  44. Lot’s of summer fetes and festivals coming up – this would be perfect for carting my son and all his toys around in….Thanks

  45. I love this, we have just moved home and this would be great for the kids to pull their toys about the garden.

  46. Transporting all sorts of things around the garden, whatever seems a good idea at the time!

  47. I would give it to my grandsons, they would use it to transport their stuff to the park, as well as use at home! ( probably pull each other on the trip to the park!!)

  48. I would give it to my young grandsons to play with in their garden. It would give them hours of fun 🙂

  49. I would give it to my young grandsons to play with in their garden. It would give them hours of fun 🙂

  50. I would leave it at my Mum and Dad’s house for my Son to play with and keep his toys when he visits.

  51. I would use it to get the title “Best Great Aunt” ie give it to my Gt nephew, he’d love loading it up with his teddies and “helping” Grandad with his gardening!

  52. I’d let my daughter use it for whatever she wants. As an American, I would love for my daughter to have a wagon of her own.

  53. This would be used constantly in our house for everything from transporting toys to let’s pretend role play; from making a teddy den to hide and seek- the possibilities are endless!

  54. I would give this to my daughter for my 3 grandkids age 6, 4 and 16 months. She is always saying she’d love one of these! It would definitely be put to good use.

  55. My son would use it to hitch onto something else. He is obsessed with hitching things together. If his little brother is lucky he may get a ride too !

  56. Would be perfect for when we take our almost 2 year old to her first festival this summer. Then I imagine she’ll love pulling her teddies and Dolly’s round the garden.

  57. It would be amazing for days put with the kids to wheel everything about all day long

  58. I think my son would put his soft toys in it and give them a ride around the garden.

  59. I’d use it in the garden and for taking the recycling boxes to the front of the house, I might let the grandchildren play with it when they visit!

  60. For use in thr garden, the children would enjoy taking their toys on a garden tour in the wagon.

  61. I’d use the wagon as an attractive – and mobile – toy storage unit. It’s fab!

  62. I would give it to my son who would probably use it to transport all his toys around the garden

  63. My son would probably use it for transporting all the cushions around the living room. Strange but moving them from spot to spot certainly keeps him happy!

  64. we do our local carnival every year so i would use in in this years one then when i have finished with it i will give it to my grandson for his toys

  65. My lad would love to use this to transport all his trains pieces around the house

  66. My lad would love to use this to transport all his trains pieces around the house

  67. I would give this to my son, I’m sure he would use it to transport all his trucks and trailers from one end of the garden to the other!!!!

  68. This would be amazing for our days at the beach, we’d be able to take everything we need without struggling, great for park days too (or any days out for that matter) = AMAZING

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  69. OMG my boys would love this ! I ave four boys 3 of which are 5 and under . I could just see them playing in the garden with this in the summer pulling all there toys around .

  70. Festivals sound a great idea. Would also be good to take up the forest track to collect wood and fallen cones for the fire bucket when camping.

  71. This would be amazing to pile all our kit in for the kids for the beach, sleepy kids at festivals and garden adventures.

  72. Spring is coming up and my little ones loves helping me in the garden so would store all her garden equipment in it 🙂

  73. I have twins who would spend hours playing with this they would prob pack up there bedroom in it and leave home lol x

  74. I would us the wagon for our trips to the caravan, my son would love travelling in style in it

  75. We are going to wychwood festival and also camping in france so this would be perfect for both!

  76. id put the kids in and wheel them down to the park and use it for days out ect with them x

  77. For when my child and my brothers two boys go visiting their grandma who lives on a farm.

  78. Storing the kids gardening stuff/toys in the conservatory for use in the summer months

  79. My daughter would have a great time carting her teddies around in it when she’s a bit bigger 🙂

  80. I’m sure my son and daughter would make great use of it for all theyre bits and bobs

  81. We have a very long garden, the grandkids would love to use this wagon to carry bits up and down the garden

  82. Oh my word… love, love, love!

    I’ve always wondered why these aren’t used over here like they seem to be in the US… I would definitely use it to cart Little Man around in. He’s a big boy and getting too heavy for the back carrier but we also don’t want to keep taking a pushchair out with us. As I don’t drive, we walk EVERYWHERE and then when daddy is home we also go for walks in the woods and along country tracks. This would be ideal for packing Little Man and his bag in… he could walk along and help us pull it for a while and then jump in when tired 🙂

  83. We love family picnics and open air theatre, this would be ideal for me as being disabled I am unable to carry heavy things, this wagon would be ideal for the hamper and even the folding chairs!

  84. my seven year old would absolutely love this xx very useful for the garden as others have said also for lugging heavy toys around and maybe even pushing the kids down the corner shops lol x

  85. I would probably use it for gardening, but I expect my grandson would have ‘faster’ ideas!

  86. my daughter said she would use it to help daddy when he needs tools to fix his car.

  87. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  88. I have a bad back so I’d use this to get the shopping from the car into the house – perfect! No more lugging heavy bags of cat litter!

  89. I would give it to my youngest daughter who would no doubt use it to take all of her teddies on an adventure!

  90. I think my little one will use it to transport his teddies and superhero toys around the house/garden

  91. Fab for going to the park with all the bread for the ducks, drinks for the kids and always one is too tired to walk back home

  92. My son can put his toys in it and take them to his nannys, Would love to be considered x

  93. my youngest would pull all her dolls around in it, my eldest would pull my youngest in it 🙂

  94. My children are always having their little adventures, they would love this to tow their toys around in

  95. I would use it when we go away in our caravan & for the Geronimo festival this year!

  96. I would use it with Flynn for his toys but I’ve seen people use them at theme parks abroad and festivals – very cool!

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