wasgij mystery typica british bbq

Wasgij Mystery 15 A Typical British BBQ puzzle solution

Another day, another Wasgij jigsaw puzzle and another one ticked off my completed list.  This one is the Wasgij Mystery 15 A Typical British BBQ.

The mystery range of puzzles tells you to imagine what happens next to solve the puzzle image. You see the box image with a beautiful summer day and people ready to have a BBQ. But that’s not quite what happens.  Imagine all the disasters that might happen at a summer BBQ and you can probably guess some of the events that will happen in the puzzle.

wasgij mystery typica british bbq

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This is probably one of the easier Wasgij puzzles. There aren’t too many areas of just one colour, so it didn’t take too long to complete. Some of the popular characters pop up in this one – I like how you can spot them.

If you’re struggling you can find the puzzle solution to A Typical British BBQ below. 

I’ve bought a few Wasgij puzzles* recently from Amazon, otherwise try charity shops, ebay, or local selling groups. Or why not try finding another puzzle fan to swap with.

Get tips for puzzle accessories to make doing puzzles easier and read my guide to completing a Wasgij without looking up the solution. All my previous Wasgij solutions are on that post too, which I add to as I complete more.

wasgij typical british bbq puzzle

Let me know how you get on with this puzzle.

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