Review: Rimmel Wake me up instant radiance shimmer make up

I’m very much a minimalistic make up wearer.   I do wear it every day for both work and non work days, but predominantly it’s to cover up spots and a bit of uneven skin tone.

Because I had a lot of problems with a stye, conjunctivitis and a possible chalazion earlier in the year, I don’t even wear mascara on a day to day basis anymore which was unheard of before.  Only for when I’m out of the office for a meeting.  Or obviously for evening when I’ll put on eye make up.

I’m generally a liquid foundation girl, with concealer  and pressed powder.  If I want to make sure it definitely stays on longer (because even performance, lasting foundation and powder I find is generally gone by the middle of the day!), I might use some minerals make up.  I’ve got some lovely Bare Minerals stuff which is lovely but I find minerals concealer  is rubbish at covering spots (as it’s usually a powder) unless you want to whack on so much it kind of defeats the object of having natural make up on.  I had some great sheer cover concealer but went through it ridiculously fast as only only used one colour in the two and found it way too expensive.

So I don’t buy much new make-up unless I’ve run out.  However, I’ve heard quite a lot from beauty and thrifty bloggers about cosmetic bargains found in poundshops.

Well, never one to turn down a bargain, I try and keep an eye out for anything I might use whenever I’m in such shops.  There’s usually some Rimmel nail polishes (I’m a fan, but prefer the 60 seconds range, and the colours are usually a bit samey), and eye shadows (I never use it frequently enough to warrant buying more).  I did pick up something that was new to me and that was Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me Up’ instant radiance shimmer touch make up.

Rimmel instant radiance

It’s a tiny little tube, only 14ml, but you only need a small bit for each cheek.  I used it over my foundation, where I would want blusher, applied in small blobs where I’d want the sun to catch my face (apples of my cheeks), then rubbed it in in gentle circles.

The first time I didn’t put enough on as I couldn’t really notice any difference, so added a little more.  Always better applying make-up that way round (although I do have a friend who puts lots of eye make up on, then rubs the excess off…strange but works for her!).


I was really pleased with the results.   I’d chosen colour 002 Radiant Rose as the other option was a bronze colour, and I thought that might have been a bit much for my Autumn/Winter skin colour, so the rose blends really well.  It just left a gentle glimmer of light across my cheeks, and really lifted my skin where it can look quite flat sometimes.  I’m also not a particular fan of some blushers or radiance products which can add too much colour, as I tend to get quite warm anyway, so don’t need additional cosmetic colour.

Although sometimes, make up called ‘shimmer’ can have a bit of a glittery look to it, this doesn’t.  It really does give the lightening look, think like Benefit Moon Beam at a lot cheaper price.  I found it stayed looking good all evening, although I wasn’t out dancing so not sure how it would have coped through that.

Looking in another shop, the rrp looks to be around £3.99, so £1 is a pretty good bargain, especially if you use make up regularly and like to pick and choose rather than using the same the whole time.

I’ll definitely be keeping a watch out in local pound shops for more make up to use on the odd occasion.

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