Pulsin kids fruity oat bars

Pulsin’ Kids fruity oat bars review

N eats a lot. I’m concerned about the amount he’ll be needing to fuel himself when it comes to teenage years, but for now I’m always looking for healthier snacks.  Or really just any variety of snacks to mix things up a bit.   So I was pleased to be sent the new kids range of fruit oat bars from Pulsin’ to review.

Pulsin kids fruity oat bars

Pulsin’ is the brainchild of 3 friends who met at university, and an ethos of developing nutritional products.  The Pulsin’ kids fruity oat bars have reduced sugar – only naturals ones, and are nut free, gluten free, dairy free and soya free.  So especially handy for families with allergies so the whole family can eat the same snacks and know there’ll be no bad reactions.

The kids range comes in multipacks of 6, with 3 flavours in the range – blackcurrant and apple, strawberry and orange chocolate chip.  The packaging is easy to see what’s included or not, and the bars are just the right size for little fingers and smaller appetites.

Pulsin fruity oat bars for kids

I was expect N to love these bars.  He loves fruit snacks, and is a fan of porridge, but not usually fan of oaty snacks that are overly chunky and oaty.  These are more dense and not obviously oaty, plus have quite a fruity hit.  N tried the 2 fruit flavours, ate half but didn’t finish them – turns out he just won’t eat oat based snacks.  Strange child given how much he likes porridge.  I’m a bit gutted because they really do look like a great snack.  I tried a bit myself – they deliver what they promise and there’s certainly a good hit of flavour (the chocolate orange ones were more my cup of tea).    N’s cousin was more of a fan – he scoffed one down.

I was also sent a Pulsin’ raw chocolate brownie.  I’ve a few colleagues who love other brands’ similar products, so we shared it around the office.  I’ve never been a date fan, but the brownie bar was delicious – really chocolatey and it didn’t taste like a ‘healthy’ alternative.  Again it was gluten and dairy free.  The one concern I do have about healthier bars is they quite often will have nuts in which push up the calories.  At over 200 calories it was definitely a treat bar to me rather than a daily snack.

If you fancy trying the Pulsin’ range, you can buy them direct for £2.99 for a multipack of 6 (they’re currently on offer at £2.70 as of 24 Apr 2016).

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Disclosure: We were sent packs of Pulsin’ snacks for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. These do look a great option for little ones – a fairly healthy snack option, and ideal for packed lunches. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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