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Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes

I’m a big chicken fan (the men of the house less so, and it has to be chicken breast), not only because it’s pretty healthy but also because it’s so versatile, and quick to cook.  It’s now approaching barbecue season and with the rumours of this summer in the UK being a hot one, it’s time to start thinking about barbecue foods and recipes.

11 great chicken bbq recipes - Bubbablue and me

Last year I reviewed a gas barbecue – you could say it was an alternative review, but at least this year it’s still set up, the gas bottle is still half full, we just need some nice weather and some good recipes.

We always have the usual sausages, sometimes we have steak off the farm or burgers, and a bit of chicken is always nice for those who aren’t beef fans.

I love chicken skewers.  They’re quick to barbecue, great for children, easy to eat, and you can add veg – onions, pepper and courgette always go down well here, and you can do veggie ones as alternatives.  I tend to make them plain, but you can also brush over a honey and wholegrain mustard mix to add some more flavour. Alternatively a sprinkle of italian herbs peps them up too.

11 great chicken bbq recipes - Bubbablue and me

My tips for cooking whole pieces of chicken (other than skewers which can cook quickly directly) on the bbq:

  • Slice through the chicken to make 2 flatter pieces – people don’t want to eat lots of massive chunks of meat at barbecues, they’d like to try a bit of everything. This way it’ll cook quickly and more evenly, and it’ll go further which is always good when you’re barbecueing for lots of people
  • Flavour flavour flavour – marinade the chicken beforehand (ideally overnight in the fridge, especially good if you’re defrosting, or for less flavour just a few hours).  The marinade will also keep it more moist during cooking
  • For less mess, try marinading the chicken in a plastic bag, tied up
  • Cook your chicken through in the oven first before barbecuing.  You’ll have more room on the BBQ for other meats, you don’t want other meats being put where raw chicken was, and most importantly you’ll kill off the risk of food poisoning from the chicken not being cooked through properly.  Just finish it off on the bbq
  • Keep an eye on chicken that’s got a marinade or glaze on – it might bubble up, it will be hot, and if it’s got sugars in it can burn.  You can cook with foil lightly covering if needed to avoid it burning

There’s numerous barbecue recipes for chicken all over the internet, but here’s 11 great recipes to get you started.

Chicken barbecue recipes

Bake in the oven then finish off on the bbq:

1, Cheat and use Jack Daniel’s barbecue glaze

I was sent this to try out, although pre-bbq season.  I simply  put the chicken breasts in an oven dish, poured the glaze over and baked in the oven for 30 minutes until cooked through and the glaze had reduced a bit.  I’m not a smoky bbq flavour or whisky fan, but the chicken was delicious with just the right amount of sticky glaze on.  It was really moist as well and just fell apart easily when eating.

Jack Daniels glazed chicken

2, Honey and mustard marinade

Mix together runny honey and wholegrain mustard to your taste, then brush over the chicken, bake until cooked through.

3, Curried yoghurt marinade

Mix natural yoghurt (or buttermilk) with 1tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp paprika, some ground ginger, squeeze of lemon juice, 1 crushed garlic clove and a bit of onion powder (or finely diced red onion), then marinade chicken In the fridge overnight, or at least a few hours.

Remove chicken from the marinade then bake.

4, Smoky barbecue chicken

Using my slow cooker smoky barbecue recipe makes things easier because it’s only 1 recipe to remember – just make the sauce and use it as a marinade before cooking the chicken in a baking dish until cooked through, then finishing on the bbq

5, Lemon and garlic marinade

Simple ingredients from Two Healthy Kitchens, but with great flavour.  I love these 2 together, and most people have lemon and garlic easily accessible.

Chicken bbq - Lemon Garlic Chicken

6, Coriander and garlic chicken with a green goddess sauce

How amazing does this sauce look from Strength and Sunshine?

Chicken bbq - Coriander Garlic Chicken Green Goddess Sauce

7, Jerk chicken with mango salsa

Go as spicy as you dare.  The Foodie and the Fix advises you adapt the number of chillies.

chicken bbq - 21 day fix jerk chicken

8, Sweet and sticky chicken drumstick

It’s easy to just cook these from  Cleverly Simple in the oven, and then barbecue rather than using the slow cooker.  Surely one rule about a bbq is to get sticky fingers while eating.

9, Grilled bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breasts

Definitely one to grill or cook in the oven first before barbecuing, this recipe’s for a classier bbq meal from

chicken BBQ - skewered chicken wrapped in bacon

10, Easy homemade bbq sauce

For that great smoky taste dipper from Strength and Sunshine.  Use for grilled chicken – either plain herbed, or even coat strips of chicken with flour, then egg, then a breadcrumb, herb and pepper topping before barbecuing – if your pieces are too small and will fall down the grill, then just pop a baking sheet on the barbecue instead.

And finally,

11, The secrets to perfect shish kebabs (kabobs)

Chicken BBQ - best way to cook shish kabobs

I always cook ours together and haven’t found it too much of a problem with different cooking times required for veg and meat, but these do look pretty making them with each type of food on a different skewer, from Two healthy kitchens.  How do you do your chicken barbecue recipes?

Are you a barbecue fan?  How do you cook your chicken for the barbecue?

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  1. I really hope for a hot summer i love barbecue well who doesn’t. I’m going to bookmark this need to get back to it when is the barbecue season. 😀

  2. I used to marinate and cook the chicken in the oven before popping it onto the barbecue to brown the skin, Now we have a gas one I am more confident that it will be cooked through

  3. These sound delicious, I was looking for some chicken recipes the other day so definitely try these

    1. Fingers crossed. I’m determined to do more this year after only doing 2 last year. The OH isn’t keen because it means eating outside = wasps, because they always seem to like him!

  4. I love bbq chicken the nandos kind (grilled to perfection lol) but hardly make at home as I am always traveling

  5. I am a lamb and beef fan, but also like chicken – I prefer using the dark meat though as it has more flavour, but everyone to their own. Peppers, onion and gherkins are my favourite, and the JD Sauce is well recommended – I love this.
    You made a good point as to cooking in the oven first – I always do this – and then finish off on the BBQ. This works for various meats, and means that the risk of food-poisoning is virtually nil.
    I hope you enjoy your spring/summer BBQs

    1. Hi Spencer. I’m definitely not a lamb fan but with a beef farmer husband, we do have a bit of beef, and that definitely goes on the bbq. Peppers and onions are certainly on our bbq menu too.
      Thanks for stopping by

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