air fryer roasted chickpeas

How to make air fryer roasted chickpeas

I’m always looking for snacks that are different, easy to cook, and relatively healthy. If they get children eating more fruit, veg and pulses, then that ticks another box. Alongside getting a Ninja air fryer, I’ve also been trying to declutter (it’s going to be a long job), and that means getting to the bottom of the crates in the larder. So after digging through the old tins, I decided to try air fryer roasted chickpeas.

Generally I’m not a huge chickpea fan. No-one in the house is (unless it’s hummus, and even then we prefer other dips). But N likes roasted pumpkin seeds, so I thought the roasted chickpeas might go down well too as a healthy snack.

air fryer roasted chickpeas

Benefits of chickpeas

If you’re not sold on chickpeas, they’re a source of fibre, so good for digestion. And they have a low GI so don’t give you blood sugar spikes.  I personally prefer them roasted – otherwise they’re a bit dense and heavy when eating them.

Roasted chickpeas

Roasting chickpeas makes them nice and crunchy. Plus you can add whatever flavourings you fancy to them.  

I stuck with freshly ground salt and pepper, plus a little paprika. But you could switch up the paprika if you preferred something different.

They’re great to have as a snack when you’ve got friends over, in front of the tv or for movie night as an alternative to popcorn. And they went down very well with N who came in straight from school and started pilfering them.

Of course you can roast chickpeas in the oven – try 180C for 30 minutes, checking occasionally that they’re not burning.  The airfryer takes a little less time so worth trying it in there instead.

roasted chickpeas

How to make roasted chickpeas in the airfryer


  • 1 tin of chickpeas, rinsed and drained
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • Salt, pepper
  • Paprika (optional) 


1. Dry off the chickpeas.

2. In a bowl mix the oil, with salt, pepper and paprika if using. I used a few twists of pepper and salt from the grinders.

drained chickpeas with seasoning

3. Add the chickpeas and shake or stir to mix.

4. Tip the chickpeas into the air fryer drawer. Set it to air fry at 200C for 20 minutes, shaking regularly.

5. Eat once cool

These are better eaten on the same day. You can store them in an airtight container, but they will go softer.

roasted seasoned chickpeas

What seasoning would you add to air fryer roasted chickpeas?

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