sunrise over trees

Project 52 2024 week 3

It’s been such a cold week, generally quite quiet at work in terms of meetings, and trying to get organised and find out what’s going on with parents evening books for next week. Here’s our project 52 for week 3.

Sunday – we were at Bicester Heritage for another Young Driver lesson for N. He had a female instructor this time who was very chatty. Afterwards she said he was teaching her about the farm and cows; he was really bright and mature, and the way he chatted she’d have said he was 15 not 12. He really enjoyed driving again and no taking out the cones in the 3 point turn.

Monday – busy day at work. Did get out at lunch time to drop off some more Vinted parcels. I made some roasted chickpeas in the air fryer. N was a big fan.

Tuesday – Before work I cleared out the last drawer of my chest of drawers, and made a start on the bottom of the wardrobe. I now no longer have clothes on the floor, and apart from a pile of jeans I want to keep and will go in the wardrobe once cleared, I’ve got nothing on top of my drawers either. Whoop. I was in training all day which ended up shorter than expected. The evening was spent trying to get N to finish his project that’s due in on Thursday (that he got given before Christmas).

Wednesday – more parcel dropping off. I’ve cleared out a few herbs and spices jars that were old or won’t be used. Now I’ve been able to remove new jars up from the floor crates to the correct storage place in the larder. I nipped out at lunch inbetween meetings to drop off 10 Vinted parcels.

Thursday – freezing day, but did remember to leave enough time to scrape and de-ice the car before doing the school run. Otherwise not much done other than work.

Friday – another really cold day. Quiet day at work. I started clearing out some of my clothes hanging in the wardrobe. There’s now a bit of movement, but probably still more that could go. I lost the will to think of anything for tea so we went to the chippy. N had tennis, so had a bit of a chat to other mums there. We needed hot chocolates afterwards to warm up.

Saturday – the football pitch was still frozen so all matches were off. We did a tip run, I cleared out more clothes from my wardrobe, and all the jeans in the bottom are also sorted/gone/charity shopped. N had a hair cut. Then we spent the evening out for a pub meal for his, the OH’s and my brother’s birthdays. Really nice food, although my crispy beef salad was very spicy.

Things I’ve enjoyed:

  • discussing music (and that enjoyed by teen boys) with another parent
  • not having to cook for a couple of nights
  • my little notebook which has turned into my daily to do list book.

What I’m grateful for:

  • a nice meal out with family.
  • my car going well in the cold weather
  • getting all the parents evening slots booked that I wanted to.
sunrise over trees

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  1. That’s great he is doing his young drivers lessons, my eldest had a few of those and really enjoyed them. I would have liked to book more but our closest one is still a fair distance away. I like on the end your adding what you have enjoyed and are grateful for, such a lovely idea!

  2. Mine love doing the young driver – hoping to do a better course next time. Car park is ok, but actual roads will be better. It has been so cold, as an older lady who is constantly running hot, even I was cold LOL

    1. Ours is on a runway set up so it’s all set up as lanes down all the different runways. Quite fancy Stoneleigh as that would be roads but it’s so rarely on there.

  3. Sounds like the young driver lessons are going well, as is your selling on vinted! It always feels good to have a declutter, but it’s definitely tiring whilst sorting!

  4. I’ve been having a good clear out/tidy this year so far and just reorangising things has left loads of space I’m determined not to refill. I’ve always got a note book or 4 on the go for different things, occasionally I put all my lists together in one place.

  5. Glad N enjoyed his Young Driver lesson and sounds like he had an interesting conversation with the driving instructor. Sounds like the decluttering is going well. So nice to have more storage space again. What a beautiful sunset sky. #project365

  6. I’ve also been decluttering this week, though sounds like you are having a good old clear out, I really need to start working on our clothes, but at the moment its mostly the kids old toys. Sounds like N is enjoying the Young Driver lessons, I am looking into those for soon to be 15 year old.

    1. N drives on the farm so he’s pretty confident but the young driver lessons are great to give a proper instructor’s take. They are so expensive though. My plan is for once a year. We don’t have many toys left, what is is stored in his ottoman bed. But outdoor toys seem to appear in the house, and all the sports shoes