grooving on a sunny afternoon outside

Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies

It feels like ages since I’ve done a Music Exploration post.  Or in fact, anything about music, but looking back at my notes, we’ve been listening to quite a lot.  Informally as usual, but I’m loving that N is starting to ask more about the music we’re listening to.

This month we’ve been:

Discovering old music loves

Most of my 350 (yep, 350!) CDs are in the loft, but I was getting a bit sick of the few that N has claimed are his and went through the leftover box under the stairs.  I found some great albums with lots of memories, as well as those more embarrassing ones.  I picked out a few that I thought N might like – some rock, some compilations and some classical.

N’s grabbed some of them, but we’ve also transferred some over to the car for longer journeys.

Listening to music in the car

N’s mostly quite happy to just have the radio on in the car, although sometimes we’ll have CDs or my ipod on.  On our camping trip we did have one evening where we all went into Weymouth for a walk along the beach before going for fish and chips.  We car shared, and on the way home the 6 year old girls in the car decided that they wanted their choice of CDs for a sing a long.

Their choice was a bit of Mary Poppins, and an In The Jungle cd which was a recording that the school did a while back.  It was lovely to hear them singing along, and for once N didn’t moan and tell us to turn off the music!


All the time.  N’s like many other children.  He sings alongside lots that he does….in the bathroom, in bed, while playing.  It’s lovely to hear him although it’s always a mystery as to which actual song he’s singing.  I always think it means he’s really happy in what he’s doing.

grooving on a sunny afternoon outside


To Radio 2’s oldies choices at 3pm on Steve Wright’s show.  N was at nursery and I’d been listening to it on the way.  When I arrived, N was enjoying listening to, with the occasional bop along, the music.  It was the perfect music for N – Thin Lizzy, Bon Jovi and Dire Straits.

He’s also been playing rock to his friends.  We had a playdate for a few friends to come over, and as they arrived N was blaring out ACDC.  Not quite your usual party music.

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