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Money for nothing (and the cheque’s for free)

I’m a big fan of vouchers, coupons, discounts…any bargain really.  I reckon I inherited the gene from my Nan on my Dad’s side.  And in this day and age it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Obviously you can cut coupons out of magazines and newspapers, sign up to sites like Voucher Codes and Money Saving Expert for shopping and restaurant discount vouchers and codes.  But if you’re an online shopper (and who isn’t when they have a baby to drag round the shops?), then you should definitely be shopping via a cashback site when possible.

Obviously there are several to choose from:

  • Quidco – costs £5 a year
  • Kidstart – sets up a fund for in theory your child as they grow
  • Nectar estores – gains you Nectar points (especially on Amazon where you struggle to get straight out cashback elsewhere)

I use Nectar for stores where I can’t find them, but generally I’m in love with Top Cashback.  It comes out top in Martin Lewis’ ratings for cashback sites as it’s free. Yes, that’s right…you shop via the site, and you get paid back a proportion of your cost in either money or Amazon vouchers (for which you get a bonus additional cashback).

Free money (well, if you’re only buying the things you really need, and are buying them the cheapest you can find anyway).

So if you want to try it out and don’t already do so, you can sign up here.  You can also get bonus top ups and refer a friend.  I’m on a mission to get everyone on there because let’s face it, everyone could do with a little bit of extra money back to spend at Christmas or just for themselves.


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