sweet breakfast treats - french donut toast - Bubbablue and me

Sweet breakfast treats – french toast donut style

I love donuts.  I love toast.  I love french toast – provided there’s enough cinnamon involved.

So putting all 3 together to make a french toast in a donut style (a la Nigella with a cinnamon twist) is a brilliant idea and so tasty.  But only for special occasions.  We had it for Christmas day breakfast.

sweet breakfast treats - french donut toast - Bubbablue and me

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I also like any food where I’m using up leftovers so if you’ve got toast that’s not quite as fresh as you’d like, or eggs that need using, then this does the job.  It’s also simple enough for children to help with too.

Ingredients for french toast donut style

For 2 people but just vary the quantities according to taste

Sliced bread – white cheap bread is fine, but I only had thick brown farmhouse sliced bread which still tasted delicious.
2 eggs
50ml Milk
Caster sugar
Ground cinnamon
Vanilla extract
25g butter or a spray of non flavoured cooking oil

To make

1, Beat the egg,  milk and vanilla together.  Put in a shallow dish.

2, Cut the bread into 2 pieces per slice, and lay the slices of bread in the egg mix, sprinkle over a little bit of ground cinnamon  and let the mix soak in before turning over and repeating.

3, Heat the butter in a frying pan. I melt down then wipe round the pan with a bit of kitchen paper to coat and remove the excess.

4, Cook 2 slices at a time in your pan until golden brown and a bit crispy, then turn over with a fish slice and repeat.  If you’ve a massive griddle pan or plate you can probably do all 4 together.

cooking french donut toast

5, Straight away dip each slice in a plate of sugar to coat, or sprinkle liberally.  You can mix the cinnamon in with the sugar after if you’d prefer, or want to extra spice.

6, Eat immediately when warm, either plain, or you could add a dollop of crème fraiche to take away some of the sweetness.

french donut toast - Bubbablue and me

These are really good, but certainly not for everyday.

Are you a french toast or eggy bread fan?  How do you have them?

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  1. Oh yum I am a complete eggy bread fan. My mum would make them with a teeny bit of garlic and ginger and chilli. It sounds odd but it’s really amazing with tea!

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