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Music Exploration with children linky 5

Ok, so my intentions on starting this musical exploration with children linky were to gradually introduce N to different genres of music each month. You can find last month’s linky here to see what everyone’s been up to.

My original objective’s not really gone to plan, mostly because what we listen to is the radio (mostly Radio 2 so a real mix on there), or Heart at the weekends. Both have quite a bit of chatting. Because the weather’s been pretty amazing this summer, we’ve also been out and about much more, so less music listening opportunities at home. That doesn’t mean we’ve not been around music all the time.

We’ve been singing

In fact, N seems to sing a lot. Sometimes I think too much. Maybe he’s cut out to be in a musical…wandering around then all of a sudden bursting into tune! He does love singing, and his nursery have a weekly session as well as the usual sing-alongs when they fancy it. In turn, N’s repertoire of songs is coming on really well. He’s pretty spot on with the tunes, although learning and remembering the words and order, leaves a lot to be desired.

Favourites seem to still be row row your boat, Old McDonald (mostly singing along with the ‘e I e I o’ jingle on the local radio station), baa baa black sheep, as well as a couple of Frozen songs – Build a Snowman and Let It Go. He only sings those when a word prompts him, but I totally blame nursery for these as he’s never heard them at home. On top of these he seems to sing a lot more songs I don’t recognise. Or maybe he’s just singing instead of talking. It’s nice to hear anyway, especially as the OH moans about me singing…he can’t really do that when it’s N!

I have been trying to help him sing in french.  He keeps singing Frere Jacques, but the middle parts are still a little jumbled.  I’m not sure where he’s been singing it – they do french at nursery so it might be there, although I’m thinking it might have been an episode of Peppa Pig.

What we’ve found

When I first had N and started going to groups with him, I didn’t know half the songs that they were singing. Words or tunes. Not just knowing, but I didn’t even recognise them. Now with the internet there’re lots of resources if you want to gen up on song lyrics. I’ve been looking at the children’s songs and lyrics at KiboomU.  Great for hearing the tune and reading the lyrics.

Facts about music exploration and development

I’ve always said music is good for children. Not only is it something they tend to enjoy, but it can have benefits for other life skills. If you’re learning an instrument, there’s discipline in practicing, pride in your work and achievement, getting used to being under pressure (playing in public, exams), team work (being in an orchestra), helping with having a ‘good ear’ and listening which surely must help in general education, picking up languages and hearing nuances in speech.

There’s also been research on music and maths. At a more basic level, it seems to make sense that music is comprised of mathematical figures. It’s made up of counts, beats and timings, and how pitch and tone interrelate with each other within a group of musicians playing together. I know for sure that in the top maths set at school, there were an awful lot of the class who were involved in music in some way or another.

The Music Exploration linky

So what’s the linky about? I want to encourage N’s love of music and help him explore more music than just nursery rhymes and AC/DC. By introducing more music, genres and instruments, I hope his interest in music will continue as he grows. The linky’s about sharing what we listen to, what we’ve discovered along the way and what tools or activities we find that others might be interested in.

If you listen to music with your children, or would like to start but want ideas, then you’re in the right place. Do link up below and share the linky with others, as I’d love to get more people involved. If you don’t blog but have something to say, add it to the comments, tag me in a photo on instagram or share it on my facebook page. Just use the #MusicExploration hashtag.

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