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A month of firsts – October

After my very late September month of firsts, I’m now on a roll.  October’s ended and I’ve been collating all of N’s firsts through the month.  Shame I’ve got a massive gap from about a year old until now, but hey ho.

In September N had a lot of first which was what had prompted me to start my series, but October has seen one mammoth one for our family, as well as a few others.

In October 2014, N

* Went…on a family holiday.  Yes, for the first time since he was born, we had our first family holiday and we went down to Swanage for a few days.  We had a wonderful time (and I’ve still not downloaded all of what we got up to but you can see the posts on the broken castle and different coastal aspects.  N loved having his dad on holiday with us, as previously, I’ve just taken him away for road trips to visit friends and family.  Hopefully next year we’ll go away again.

Family photo on Studland beach

* Watched…a film all the way through.  Prior to our holiday, N would get bored halfway through a film and he’d never watched a whole full length film in one go.  But on holiday there were DVDs in the cottage and N wanted to work his way through.  He watched 2, and since coming back as also sit and concentrated on an entire film.  I’m hoping now something will capture his attention it will help in preparation for focusing at school next year.

* Picking…pumpkins.  Last year we just got a pumpkin from the supermarket, but this year we had tickets for Hatton Adventure World’s Pumpkin Week.  If you go during half term, each child gets to choose and take home a pumpkin.  We decided not to carve ours there, so still have it to do.  N did love running from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to choose one.

picking pumpkins

* Going….to a disco party.  Last week was his cousin and best friend’s 6th birthday, and N was invited to the disco party.  I think it was a bit of a shock for him, as although he likes to dance, the number of 5 and 6 year olds jumping and screaming didn’t seem to be his liking.  He got the hang of it after having some tea, and was very cute doing his dancing.

* Visiting…old Nanny.  My Nan’s been in hospital since July due to a fall, and then the faffing of staff and social workers not agreeing on her needs or supporting us in trying to get a power of attorney form signed.  But now they’re realised that she’s taking up a bed unnecessarily so we had to take the morning off work, go and visit her in hospital and then go and visit a potential care home.  N didn’t seem too concerned about being in the hospital and happily traipsed round the home with us.  He even gave away two of his chipsticks to old Nanny when she asked.  He’s only met her a few times, but was very well behaved for the trip, even though he must have been bored stiff.

Quite a few firsts again this month, I’m looking forward to what November brings given it’ll be getting closer to the excitement of Christmas.

With the positive response I’ve had from readers about my September month of firsts post, I’ve decided to create somewhere for others to link up their firsts as well.  I’d love to hear what firsts you’ve been going through this month.

It could be a first for your children, you or your family in general, it could be one or many, a big event or a small first.  Anything that is important to you and a first in your life.  Just add the badge, and link it up below.

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  1. I think this is such a lovely idea but as my children are that much older, we don’t have many ‘firsts’ these days! I remember the day that mine watched an entire film from start to finish – bliss!

    1. Hmm, not sure on Dec. Was a little worried about Nov, but actually we’ve done a first already for the family. Great to be able to record them

    1. Thanks. Not sure we’re going to be able to keep up the momentum, especially with N being at nursery so he could have more firsts there that I don’t know about!

  2. Fab idea for a linky. And also a fab idea for a post in general. Its amazing how the firsts can just happen and almost pass you by.

  3. Awww so many first! Last week we had our first half term! And we really savor the free days from school. This is such a lovely read =) #MagicMoments

    1. Come and join in with your family firsts then! We don’t really have half term yet as I’m still working and N was in day nursery the days his nursery school was off. Thanks for stopping by

  4. A lovely account of firsts to remember. Fab idea. I used to have a book to write in, but after the first few months with my first child, it got left behind. I feel awful now when the older children ask me “when did I…” etc. I don’t always remember.

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