Washing baby

I’ve blogged before about how N loves the bath, he’s not even that worried about shampoo and having his hair washed.  He’s started asking for ‘moo’ (shampoo), and thanks to swimming, although he doesn’t shut his eyes, he is learning to blink to get rid of the water out of them.  (Of course, it would just be easier to shut them totally, but that seems beyond him however much I show him how to).

But now he’s started washing himself.  I give him the sponge and tell him different body parts and he washes them.

Today (he ignored my instructions and just did what he wanted for the first few), he did arms, hair, willy (he’s obsessed with that at the moment, which OH thinks is hysterical…men, then never grow up!), toes, and neck.  His attempt at behind the ears wasn’t a success but he didn’t seem worried about just doing the whole of his ear.  Nursery say he’s good on all his body parts although I’m a bit concerned on his permanently wanting to pull down and remove his trousers; I dread to think what he does when he’s being changed!

It’s so fun seeing how he’s learning new skills and wondering what will be coming next.

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