Christmas day at home

So with only a week to go, I finally managed to find out that we are having Christmas at home.

Now, we are always at the farm or around just because the men need to do the feeding in the morning and then again in the afternoon, but it does make me a bit sad that given the size and location of all of the OH’s family, we don’t have more big family Christmases.  The last one that was everyone, was a few years ago at ours when there were 15 of us, and it was brilliant fun.  Having said that, now there’s N, I don’t think there’s room for him to be at the table, and we’ve returned the high chair we’d been lent for occasions like that.

So, I’ve made my list (thankfully we’ll just get a turkey off the farm) of foods required for Christmas day and the rest of most of that week.  I just need to work out when exactly to do the food shop…depressing thought, and I’m expecting trolley rage.  Must remember to not take N, as I think he’d go into meltdown with the prospect of long Christmas shopping queues.

I’m only struggling with one final person – BIL no.2 – Christmas and birthday present.  I was hoping to locate some Pimms No.3, but none of the supermarkets near me stock it, and I don’t want to pay ridiculous delivery charges.  So I guess it’ll be the usual wine then!  Boring.

I’d also better make a better start on cleaning.  Still have lots of stuff lying around for selling or passing on to my friend for her baby, but it just takes too long to get rid of.  Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a wand and get a good storage facility outside of the house but still in a safe place for everything that you want to get rid of but not just chuck.

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