Love is...settig them free - Bubbablue and me

What love is…when you have children

When I was a girl, one of the chores we had to do was the drying up on a Sunday.  Of course it was drying up minus dishwashers.  We always fought over the best tea towels and one of my favourites was the Love Is…cartoon strip one.

It was a cartoon of a little couple and a range of lines that showed what love is.  It was started in the 1960s by New Zealander Kim Casali as little notes to her fiance.

Here’s my version (minus the cartoons) of what love is…when you have children

Love is...settig them free - Bubbablue and me

Love is…with children

…holding their little hand in yours

…them wanting to give you a hug and a kiss

…seeing them smile

…hearing them laugh

…being there when they win

…knowing you’re the one who can comfort them

…being proud of their achievements however small

…watching them discover everyday things

…see them connecting with other people and family

…listening to random nonsensical conversations

…seeing their love for pets and other animals

…listening to them singing

…watching them realising they enjoy something that they didn’t before

…seeing all the faces they pull during different situations

…enjoying family time

…looking after them when they’re ill

…having them try to care for you when you’re ill

…tidying up after them

…going shopping for yourself, but coming home with items for them

…receiving flowers they’ve picked

…eating cakes that they have made

…getting up at 6am when they’re up, when you really want to stay in bed

…watching them go off to new places and situations without a backward glance

…knowing the reason they want to sleep in your bed is to be close to you

…enjoying their love

…setting them free, knowing you’ve done your job as a parent.

picking daisies

What would you add to my Love Is…list?  Do you remember the cartoon from your youth?

Dear Bear and Beany  Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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  1. Oh Emma I adore this post. There is nothing sweeter than a little (or not so little in the teenager’s case!) hand in mine. Thanks for linking up to the #TheListLinky x

  2. Yes! A thousand times, yes. I can relate to every single one of these. There’s nothing better than the smile or laugh of your child. Beautiful. #TheListLinky

  3. This is beautiful. I was so thinking the other day as Alice took my hand to hold, what age do they stop doing this. It’s such a natural thing and I don’t want it to end. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Thanks Laura. I keep thinking of so many others to add. The hand holding is one of my favourite things, especially when they choose it themselves.

  4. This is so lovely and so true. I think the one that sums it up the most is watching them find the magic in everyday things. And watching them develop relationships with family and friends. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. Love is 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am
    Love is the smell of their hair
    Love is watching them sleep
    Love is muddy football boots
    Love is being told you are the worst mum ever, while they sob out their hurt safe in your arms
    Love is teaching
    Love is endless

    1. So so true….maybe I should have got you to write this post for me Skippy! Although we’ve not quite got to the muddy football boots phase, we do have the muddy wellies and overalls.

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