Afternoon at the playground

Today was a lovely day, although quite exhausting.  We had Rhythm Time in the morning which was quite quiet as 2 of N’s friends couldn’t make it due to their mummies going spa-ing!!!.  As the day was beautiful and warm, we decided to take a walk to the next village about a mile away (but it felt like further) to visit the playground there.

It was recommended to me, and it was worth tracking down.  I have to say it’s hidden away – no wonder it’s so quiet there, as it takes some finding.  But it’s a great place and was empty.  An area for toddlers with a ‘fort’, slide, boat with decking etc, then an ‘assault’ type of wooden activity things with a second fort/climbing area, climbing wall, football posts.  A really good variety and a nice playing field.

N loved it.  I think it helps that he just loves the whole excitement of going for a walk in the buggy and seeing everything, and then having a go on the swings just tops off his day.  Here’s some pictures of his time at the playground…

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