cousins growing up

Regular family photos

Although I have ‘get a decent family photo of the 3 of us’ on my day zero list, I think it’s going to be a really hard task to achieve.  So far we’ve had 2 photos taken (one blurry one on a mobile, and another where it was either not flattering or we weren’t looking at the camera), but I wait for the day when I can find someone who’s good at taking photos and when the OH agrees to be in a photo!

However, the family (wider one that is) have a kind of tradition going on.  I think it stemmed from an old photo I saw where it was three generations of males in the OH’s family when he was a baby, ie son, father and grandfather.  I love family history and finding out about ancestry, but it’s rare to get family photos where it tells you who’s in the photo.  So a few years ago – back in 2007 I think – at a family barbeque, we managed to get a photo of Gramps with the grandchildren.  Then the following year it was repeated.

cousins and their Gramp
cousins growing up

Since then, there’s been another 2 cousins – R & N, so it was time for another update (second picture above).  Luckily the recent warm spell created an opportunity, so at Gramp’s birthday dinner, they all piled on.  Not the greatest picture, but in future it’ll be lovely to look back and remember these occasions.  Hopefully we’ll managed to continue these on an annual basis.

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