Eating habits

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N’s eating is coming along really well.  He’s gone a bit off vegetables (unless they’re the only thing put in front of him)…he seems to be a bit of a carb freak (bread, croissants, naan bread, cheese on toast, pasta) and loves meat too (although not sure whether he finds minced beef too rich compared to a roast).  But fruit’s definitely still a favourite – new season kiwi fruit and satsuma’s a going down a treat.

He’s pretty good with preloaded spoons (as long as the food sticks fairly well to it), and has started wanting to dip the spoon into a pot if he has yoghurt.  Needs quite a bit of direction and it’s extremely messy as fingers tend to go in the pot at well.  There’s a lot of comments from Grandma and the OH about his ‘cram as much food as possible into his mouth at once’ technique.  I think they’ll both be relieved once he’s just using a spoon and is a bit more calm about meal times.

We’re trying to get him used to his [amazon_textlink asin=’B01LNQJ618|B001AVJ8HY’ text=’doidy cup’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bubbaandme-21|bubbandme04-20′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=’76b48f94-7243-11e8-ad4b-49ecffa9a6ba’] as it’s open when we’re at the table, but he’s not great at taking a sip at a time.  He also likes to shake it up and down which isn’t too drastic with his sippy cup.  I need to keep remembering to use the doidy cup when we’re at home and the other one for when we’re not at the table so he gets better at using it and on his own.

He’s now getting used to eating out a bit more as well.  It was my birthday today, so we ate out at Pizza Express.  He had some of my pizza, some of my mum’s, a bit of cucumber, some spinach (he loves spinach), a bit of chocolate fudge cake/ice cream, and a whole kiwi fruit.  Not one bit went on the floor (thanks to his pelican roll up bib), although he did love making himself heard while he was eating.

There’s quite a lot of party food left after my Jamie at home party I hosted last night as well.  Think he’ll be having chilli con carne for a few days, and there’s cheesecake and mint choc chip cake.  Shall be dishing the latter two out to various family members as I need to get back on my diet soon.  Here’s some pictures of my creations that I served.  Am pleased to have been able to tick off a couple more of my day zero list tasks thanks to my cake making and gingerbread cookie icing.

crudites lunch

mint chocolate cake

cupcake biscuits

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