flapping swan

Buses, rivers and geese

I hadn’t been to Oxford since pre-Christmas, but needed to do some boot size research at a shop there, so decided to make my first trip there with N.  It was his first trip on a bus as we always park & ride it in (disgraceful that it’s now £1.50 to park whereas it used to be free).

I was a little worried about how I’d cope if I had to put the buggy down to get on the bus but luckily it was very quiet on the bus so we were able to just put the buggy on.  He wasn’t too sure about the journey on the way in, but absolutely loved it on the return journey.  He was standing on me, leaning against the window trying to catch a glimpse of everything flying by.

While we were there we walked down to Christchurch meadows so N could see the river and the ducks.  He wasn’t that fussed about the river or the few ducks that we could see, but he liked watching the rowers go past, and loved the 2 canada geese who paddled over and decided to come over and nosy at us.  Shame I wasn’t so keen as they came a little close for my liking, and we made an escape at that point.

flapping swan
rowers on the thames
smiling in the buggy

It was quite a long day, but luckily travelling timed with his naps, so he had plenty of crawling and rolling time when we got back home.  Might not have mentioned already but we now have a crawler.  He can now investigate all the cables, remotes, electrical equipment, stairgate etc, although hasn’t yet started making too many escapes into other rooms yet.  Is so funny to see him go though.

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