christmas light trail at blenheim

Christmas light trail at Blenheim Palace 2022

I think you can’t beat a Christmas light trail, although I do wish we had more near by to choose from.  We always like the Blenheim Palace light trail though, so were back there again this year.

christmas light trail at blenheim

I’d already done the Snow Queen Christmas at Blenheim on my flexi day off work, enjoying a wander round without a moaning 11 year old. He always says he likes the light trails, but he did have a moan on the way round. It was too busy and I was taking too many photos.

We’d booked for one of the earliest stots, but we’d never seen weaving queues for the ticket checks like there were this year.  Thankfully the queue did move fast, but it meant that the first couple of areas were very busy until we were able to overtake larger groups and the crowds thinned out a little. Last year we were treated with presumably number restrictions due to Covid still loitering around.

red and green lit up blenheim frontage

Most of the lights were different this year. N did have a moan about a couple saying they were the same, but they weren’t. He cheered up when we stopped for a (very nice) hot chocolate halfway round.

lit up formal garden

There were stars of every kind.

lit up stars
lkghts of stars
giant light up star

Christmas trees of every colour.

pink li t up christmas tree.

Father Christmas, where you could get close enough to have your photo taken with him.

father christmas in front of his cabin

Some lovely moving colourful snowflakes to chase or dance around on the path.

red floral pavement lights

The classic tunnel of lights.

tunnel of ligth

Wreaths in follies.

giant wreath

Pretty flowers.

starburst star deoration

Burning fire which was against a background of music. N was very happy to hear The Snowman – an essential for Christmas.

The musical light show at the back of the palace.

pink music sohw on the back of the palace
lights put up on wall of fountains
lit up giant people statues with santa hats
coloured light up walkway

Then the lit up front of Blenheim Palace, with the elegant changing colours, and colour changing Christmas trees.

After the light trail we did a quick walk through the Christmas market to look for food. The gyros looked too big for N, so we decided on burgers. After checking in the courtyard with the fairground rides, the steak burgers on the Christmas market (along with the lack of queues there), drew us in.  

We ate our delicious cheeseburgers sitting on the bench overlooking the palace lights and watching people go by enjoying the Christmas spirit.

turquoise lit up blenheim palace

Then the long walk back to the car. It was definitely more busy going on the size of the car park. Considering we always arrive around the same time, as day time visitors are leaving, and the first of the evening ones are arriving, we were on the 3rd car park. There were still plenty of parking spaces, but with 4 coaches also parked up if you’re looking for a quiet visit, you won’t get that at the Christmas light trail at Blenheim Palace.

It was another lovely Christmas run-up trip out. Hopefully we’ll do some more before Christmas arrives.

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You can see the Snow Queen displays inside the palace in 2022.

Have you visited any Christmas light trails this year?

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  1. This looks so much fun! You have captured some great pictures, I bet they’ll make some sweet memories to look back at. I love the colorful Christmas trees as they really put you in a festive mood. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a happy month x

    1. Thank you. It really is a special trip out, and we’ve been so lucky that we’ve never had anything other than a little spot of rain all the years we’ve been going.

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