N is terrible for saying he’s bored, even though he’s got lots of options for things to do. And friends are always telling me they’re impressed with how much I do with N.  This is mainly because I’d get bored at home, and I then have an excuse not to be spending lots of time cleaning the house! I believe there’s certain things children should experience before they get too old – whether they’re life skills, fun activities, or things that just bring them more appreciation and understanding of life and the world. My list of 30 activities for children before they’re a teen went down well with readers of the blog. Then of course I remembered lots of activities I should have included, so here’s the follow up post with another 30 things.

30 things for kids to do - Bubbablue and me

Another 30 things for kids to do before they’re 13

Visit their capital city (especially if you’re in a small country like the UK)

Learn to count and say a few phrases in a foreign language

Save money in a bank account

Do a reading challenge

Drive a vehicle – any type

Have a water fight

Make something to wear – jewellery or design their own t shirt or make a bag or other accessory

Pack and have their own picnic

Go roller skating or ice skating

Set up their own money making ‘business’ or challenge

Mow the lawn


Learn a magic trick

Bake a cake

Make a film / video

Drive a vehicle – any type

Try and fly a boomerang

Go to a holiday camp (day or week)

Be able to tie 5 knots

Have a pool party (or go to one)

Go go karting

Try zorbing

Earn pocket money

Go on a school residential

Make your own ice cream factory

Go on a zip wire

Grow a fruit or vegetable from seeds

Look after an animal

Watch a sunrise or sunset

Learn about and do recycling

I’ve added a printable list which you can download – the another 30 things list

30 things for kids printableWhat would you add to the list for your children?

30 things for kids to do before they turn 13 30 things for kids to do before they turn 13 with kids jumping


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  1. My oldest daughter had done many arts and crafts including shirts, tote bags, and even shoes, but we haven’t tried most of your ideas. Thanks for putting this list together!

  2. What a fab list- a few there we’ve still yet to try. Might pinch this and make our own list xx

  3. This is such. good list as it has fun things and then activities that teach them to be responsible #coolmumclub

  4. Ahhhh this is a lovely list…my daughter is 5 so we have plenty of time for her to enjoy doing so many of the above. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this x

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