autumn glow in tree lined driveway

Project 52 2018 week 41 autumnal glow

It’s been a busy week 41 of Project 52 this week.

Sunday N played his first ever tennis match. If they’d not forfeited games for not having a 4th player and only counted the games they played, they would have won. We’ve got 3 more matches at least so that’s Sunday days out screwed for the next few weeks, as well as struggling for doing sunday roasts.

Work has involved a lot of forecasting – I’m a project manager in my day job, and forecasting involves checking spend and time against budget for projects, and projecting how much it’s going to take going forward to the end of the financial year. It’s painful because mostly we don’t know exactly, people who work too many hours screw up the annual budget and make it harder to work out. And I have about 4 forecasts to do (and 2 more to check) while most other people have 1-2 maximum.

We’ve had an interesting time doing maths with N, trying to decipher what his homework is. But he did it all correctly on his own the second day, after they’d had it explained properly in school.

My photo this week was take on my commute home, stopping at a driveway to capture the autumnal glow through the avenue of trees

autumn glow in tree lined driveway

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  1. My eldest does horse riding every other Sunday and hate having our Sunday’s messed up as usually do something as a family on sunday….but I had to move her lessons from Saturday.

    That driveway is simply stunning.

    1. His round robin is only 4 matches. And they won’t go through to the county league finals given 2 losses so far. So I think after early Nov we’re free again. Not sure if they play next term or then have to wait til Summer.

  2. I’d love to see the house at the end of that drive. I bet it’s lovely. Even thinking about your work is making my head hurt. I hope it all goes well. #MySundayPhoto

  3. The matches vs Sunday roasts sounds like a difficult choice. We actually never do Sunday roasts, I guess we’re not British enough for this tradition, and now that my husband is no longer eating meat, that is never going to happen.
    The scene is very beautiful, if it were a postcard, I’d buy it. 🙂

  4. Forecasting sounds as painful as I remember Maths homework to be! Love the Autumnal glow of your photo. Beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful photo. Those trees really do glow. Your work sounds pretty exhausting! I hope N’s next few tennis matches go well. You will be getting a little glimpse into our lives – our weekends have been ruled by sport since my younger son was 7. He’s 15 next week! We complain about it sometimes, but generally I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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