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Halloween treats: Oreo Pumpkins

I’ve never really done anything about Halloween in the past, and don’t plan to with N, but there’s some really great crafts I see on Pinterest and blogs, so fancied giving some of them a go.  I spotted some decorated Oreos and thought that I could make them into pumpkins rather than just pretty decorated biscuits, so we gave it a go this weekend. These make great halloween treats that children can help make.

N and I had been creating with chocolate most of the afternoon, but we had some more time and I wanted to get everything made in one go.  There’s no point spreading baking mess over several days when you can cram it all into one.  N likes stirring and melted chocolate is easier than cake batter so he loved stirring the melted buttons.

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Easy Oreo Pumpkin treats


  • Orange chocolate buttons (we used the ones you get in the baking aisle of the supermarkets, but you can get coloured melting candy elsewhere)
  • Oreos (whatever type you fancy)
  • Something green for the pumpkin stems (ours was a major fail as I’d bought some apple fruit snacks thinking we could half them, but they turned out not to be the green colour on the pack, but orangey).  We used green icing tubes instead
  • Black icing writer/tubes if you want to decorate.


They’re really simple to create.

Simply melt the coloured buttons, either gently in the microwave or over a bain marie.  I always use the microwave as it’s quicker.  We put the bowl in the fridge for a bit to cool as I’m impatient.

Dip one side of the Oreo in the melted chocolate (or all over if you have a toddler helping!)

Dipping oreos

Stand dipped side up on a baking sheet or plate.  If you’ve got a green item to stick on, then pop it on now before the topping sets.  I had to save the Oreos that N dipped before he put them face down!

Repeat for all the other cookies, then leave to set.  I put them in the fridge.

oreo pumpkins
Set and ready for decorating

Decorate with icing to create pumpkin carvings and faces if you want.

oreo pumpkins
Hopefully you can tell which ones N dunked

They’re so simple to do, but would be great for a party especially for children.  And you wouldn’t need to stop at Halloween treats, you could do baubles or robins at Christmas, and chicks at Easter.

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What Halloween treats do you make?

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  1. These are a brilliant idea!! So easy for the kids to do too. Love it! #MagicMoments xx

    1. Thanks for popping by. I just love the fact they’re so simple. And I suppose you could use any type of biscuit really, although I do think oreos are a good size and chocolatey flavour that goes with most things.

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