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Review: Emma Bridgewater Men at Work tractor suitcases from Presents for Men

With Christmas approaching I’m always on the lookout for new gift ideas and I love it when the shops publish their gift catalogues.  Like most people nowadays, I also use the internet a lot for my Christmas shopping, so I was interested to see what was available at Presents for Men when I had the chance.

I’d never usually look at a specific gender website, preferring to go straight for a website that encompasses all of the people I buy for, however, I was amazed to see how much variety there is on Presents for Men.  In fact, it’s not just for men, but children and women as well.  There’s a myriad of interesting gifts, and when N gets older, there’s some great gifts that I’d love to get him (bananagrams, anyone?).

I found it a really easy website to navigate – there’s clear options for who you’re buying for (men, women, teens, children), then you can filter by price, age, type of gift (humour, stocking fillers, outdoor toys etc).  What annoys me about other websites is when you click back and find you lose your filters you’d previously chosen, but I didn’t have that problem with this website.

Some of my favourite items I spotted were:

Who doesn’t remember french skipping from school? Great for stocking fillers £4.99Travel bag traykit – brilliant idea £24.99

I chose the Emma Bridgewater Men at Work Tractor suitcase set for N.  He was given the  melamine crockery and cutlery set as a gift when he was born which he loves, so I thought this would be perfect for him.  He needs storage for lots of his smaller toys, and when we finally get round to decorating his bedroom, these would also look great stacked on a book shelf.

It’s not often that N gets any post, so when I called him through to help open the box, he was really excited.  It was really well packed with no danger of anything getting damaged, and included plenty of other gift catalogues to tempt you for further purchasing.  This could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your thoughts on upselling.

Emma Bridgewater Men at Work
Triple stacked, they’d look great on a bookshelf as decoration

N’s face was a picture.  Because the 3 cases stack inside each other, he kept opening them up and finding another inside.  Like Russian dolls.  Magic for a 2 year old!


The designs are classic Emma Bridgewater, with the inside design differing to the outside, so there’s lots for toddlers to look at and explore just with the designs.

They’re sturdy enough to hold their shape reasonably well.  I’m not sure if they’d last if he sat on them or rode over them on his bike, as he has a tendency to do with any toys he’s dropped on the floor, so I’ll have to make sure he looks after them and tidies them up off the floor when he’s finished with them.

N immediately wanted to put some of his toys in them so off he went to find his Happyland people.  The catches are fine for little fingers and easy to work out.  He had no problems getting the cases open or closing them again, and seemed really chuffed that he has his own little case.  Definitely a good gift idea for toddlers who love their trucks, tractors and vehicles.

suitcase set
Perfect for little toys

I’d definitely use Presents for Men again.  Just the choice and ease of using the website means I’ve already folded pages over in the catalogues that came in the box in readiness of ordering gifts for people for Christmas.


 Disclosure:  I received an item of my choice for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

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    1. They do have some lovely designs for the children. I love the vintagey style of the suitcases.

      I’m thinking of taking a trip to Bicester Village to stock up for my godson for the melamine set. Hopefully they’ll have all the sets for Christmas.

        1. Ooh yes I’ve seen them there in the past. Although last time we went they’d had a move around and half the space was empty. Not sure if it’s been filled back again with Christmas stuff?

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