wild chives taking over the garden

Project 365 2017 week 22

It’s been a lovely half term week.  I’ve had to work 2 days of it, but the rest of the week we’ve tried to make the most of the wonderful weather.  Here’s this week’s Project 365, wek 23.

On Sunday, we drove up to Chester. My plan was to get up there early and look round. We stayed in a hotel, then the next day was planning to go to Manchester to see my best-friend. I’ve not been to Chester since my university sports days. Apart from the insane crowds (worse than Oxford), we loved seeing all the roman historic walls and more.  N is obsessed with Horrible Histories (*affiliate link), so anything that fits with that is a yes for him!

running at the Roman Gardens in Chester

On Monday we headed across to Manchester to visit my best friend. She’s only a couple of week’s off having her second baby, so I finally managed to offload 2 big bagfuls of hand-me-down clothes.  We spent the morning at Media City – getting off the tram there, we were met by this wasp sculpture and a variety of other animals.

wasp statue at Media City

On Tuesday I was back at work. N spent the day on the farm with his dad.   I love how he might be growing up, but he’s still happy to play with his teddies and other soft toys.

sorting out his teddy bears

On Wednesday I didn’t take many photos, because again I was at work. N was at his best friend’s for a playdate. I was very impressed that they played nicely all day, that he said thank you off his own back when we (eventually) left, and he was obviously good because the dad is still saying that N is the one child he doesn’t mind being there to play.  Nice to hear when you’re raising your child well.  We’re very lucky we have good friends who’re happy to have him too.

yoghurt addict

On Thursday I had a day of flexi-leave. The plan had been to have 2 days off to take N out somewhere. Of course, my day was wasted because he decided he was going out on the farm again. At least I managed to take a few photos outside in the sun, and get some blogging done.

wildflowers in the garden

On Friday, we went to Stratford upon Avon with a friend and her 2 children, just to play in the playground, get on their bikes and have a picnic.  It was a lovely day, and the paddling pool was open.  As usual, I forgot to take any items for him to play with in the pool. So we ended up just throwin.g a pink ‘cricket’ ball in and out of the paddling pool for him

Paddling pool at stratford upon avon

On Saturday it was another beautiful day. N didn’t want to go swimming (his usual lessons were off for half term), so went out on the farm instead. He was meant to have been coming out with me, but just as I was leaving to head out for myself, he turned up back at the farm to come with me.  I’d pottered in the morning, going to the bakery and taking some photos in the garden.  But then I had to abort my National Trust visit and instead took him to Stanwick Lakes Country Park. It’s a beautiful place and we had a great time.

wild chives taking over the garden
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  1. Looks like you managed to fit a lot into half term. I hadn’t realised Chester was so busy at this time of year. I guess it might be quieter in the week than a weekend.

  2. that paddling pool looks great and he seems happy enough with the pink ball. I got married in Chester, 15 years ago, we’ve not been back since

  3. That is the biggest paddling pool I have ever seen! Looks so much fun. Your flower shots are gorgeous too! #365

    1. I resigned myself to the fact in a few years time, but not expecting it to be quite so long at this age. It does mean he’s absolutely knackered. In my opinion he shouldn’t be spending 7.15am to 5pm with lunch and morning/afternoon break, working. Too long for a 6yo however much they enjoy it.

      1. Did not realise it was that long, totally agree with you then, maybe you need to talk about it and lay some rules down for him about it, a few hrs is ok but not all day.

        1. The OH doesn’t seem worried though. He’s outside, learning and enjoying himself so it’s hard to pull him away from that. Even when we go out for the day, we tend to get back before break time and he’ll then go out on the farm afterwards. Not an easy solution

  4. Sounds like a lovely week – always hard to juggle work and little ones. The paddling pool looks great – our town one is in total disrepair.

    1. This one’s quite nice – think they were repairing round the seating area before it opened. There aren’t many water play places near us, although the one in Warwick the other week hadn’t opened yet.

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