Slow growing feet

N’s feet have to be the slowest growing in history.

I don’t think his feet have grown more than a quarter of a size (from over a 6 to just hitting a 6.5) since September.  Makes for cheap shoe buying – he had a new pair in the early January sales – but does mean that there’s no point buying shoes or boots for him to grow into.

I have a lovely pair of SKEANIE riding boots that I bought in a Zulily sale around September time thinking he’d grow into them by at least the end of winter – and given the long winter we had, there was every chance they’d be fine.  But they’re still just too swamplike on him, however much room a child needs to allow at the toe of their shoes for growing and spread room.  So I’ll have to sell those on as he’s bound to have a massive growth spurt over the summer and go straight past that size by the time autumn’s come round again.

Interestingly the last time I got him measured at the independent shop in a small town near us, the owner did say that kids feet slow down lots over the winter only growing an average of ½ a size, with summer seeing up to 1 ½ sizes growth.  I think N’s on go slow even for that.

I took him in again to check as his current shoes are so tatty, I’m surprised they hold his feet in any more.  They’ve still got a bit of room in, but I was ideally looking to get him some leather ‘sandals’ type ready for the warmer weather we’ll be getting (I hope).  They didn’t have many styles in as they’d had a run post Easter holidays, so we’ll have to wait and see if they get more in.  There were an ok pair of open toe sandals which fitted and he was happy walking in, but she recommended closed toe as some nurseries don’t like open toes, so the only pair that she had which were suitable, really weren’t my cup of tea.  It’s strange how fussy I’m finding myself when buying shoes for N.  I didn’t really think I would be, but I guess when I’m buying shoes for myself I always moan about specific heel shapes or toes or the like, so it’s not really surprising.

N only tends to have one pair of shoes, and then a pair of wellies, but I was pleased to find some leather sandals finally yesterday, but will probably look out for some canvas ones.  I loved his Doodles ones last year, and they were great with and without shoes on but I have found a really funky pair of canvas shoes from Sainsbury’s that I’m loving and he likes too.  Not sure the OH will like them, but for funky casual shoes they’ll be great…once he grows into them as needless to say the size 7s are too big across the top, but the size 6 were way too small in length.

He’s not fussed as really he’d just wear his wellies all day if he had the chance.

Welly boots
Proud in his wellies


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