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Summer clothing

Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit optimistic in thinking we might get warm enough weather for me to break out into some summery clothes, but I’m planning ahead in anticipation.

It’s always hard for myself – I’ve got wonky legs, a throw back from having deep vein thrombosis (DVT) about 10 years ago, as well as having a gouge out the front of one due to tripping over a metal doorway bit on a dance weekend (ironic, given for dancing you need to have good balance!), so I’m never that big a fan of wearing skirts although I do see lots that I like.

I always think they look lovely, but as I never wear them, if I wear a skirt or dress is doesn’t really look like me.  Really I should go tough and only wear skirts for a bit, then that would probably get me over that issue.

Then of course you have the shoe issue.  I love wedges, but after a day of wearing anything strappy I find the straps dig in, plus they’re a real faff to be doing up and taking off if you’re driving.  Why is it so hard to drive in wedges!?  I manage it in boots with heels, so why not shoes with heels?  And too strappy at work is a no-no really.

So we get to ballet pumps.  Which I love, but blimey it’s a struggle to find a pair that are comfy and don’t take forever to wear in without them digging into the back of your ankle (whatever that’s called).  Last year I found some great ones in Primark which have the elasticated bit and were so comfortable from the start.  But being cheap, they obviously haven’t lasted much more than a year.  This year though, all I found was really flimsy pairs with no heel at all, just totally flat, or shoes that looked more like Moroccan slippers or something that Aladdin would wear.  I do prefer generally buying ballet pumps cheaply, because having spent around £30 on pairs from Clarks and similar from M&S, I can’t say that they last any longer.  The only benefit is that they might look a bit more expensive to begin with.

Argh, hate dressing for summer.  Especially when I’ve not idea about how hot the office I now work in is going to get.

At least N is easier to dress.  Like his father, buy an item of clothing in a specific size and it’ll fit.  And especially with kids, buy larger, it’ll then fit at some point.

He’s in a mix of age 2-3 and 3-4 (what? He’s only 2 and he’s not a giant!) tops and 2-3 trousers, although they’ll last a lot longer as he always needs turn ups.  But I’ve sorted all his shorts from last year so I think he’s got a pretty good selection which will still fit this year, especially if he potty trains at some point in the summer meaning no need for nappy space.  I do love the longer cargo and techno shorts that Boden do.  I also spotted some cool stripy ones. But he doesn’t really need any more shorts, plus of course with short legs, they’ll just look like half-mast trousers on him.

Sunhats aren’t a problem either as his head seems to have stopped growing…at 52cm I should think so too.  We’ve got 4 sunhats from last year which still fit; I’d have loved to see him in one of these, but we don’t need any more.

I’ve had problems trying to find sandals for him though.  I want something fairly substantial, but not so open that he’ll struggle to walk or run in them.  I’ve also realised I’m a lot fussier than I thought when it comes to likely boys shoes.

We popped into our nearby independent shoe shop so I could find some sandals, but they didn’t have much in that were suitable for him.  Plus of course, some nurseries only like closed toe shoes so that limits the choice further.  A sporty pair would be ok for casual wear, but I’d still want him to have some smarter ones for everyday which means paying a bit more money.  I’ve been searching online, and was amazed at how much leather sandals for toddlers can cost.  They’re the same as normal shoes, if not more.  I found a lovely pair of Kickers, but even on discounted websites, they’re still around £35.  Insane when you think how long kids shoes last compared to adult shoes which can last for years and cost less.  At least I know that N’s current pairs of shoes have been worn out from wear, rather than him outgrowing them.

I was pleased today to randomly find some cheap on the Zulily website, that I’d spotted elsewhere full price.  I’ve just got to hope now that they fit him ok and are comfortable as the return process is a bit of a pain there, and you can’t swap as they’re all about flash sales.  But pleased I got there early, as usually I see shoes I like but they’ve already sold out in his size.  So just need to wait for them to turn up, and hopefully the good weather will have arrived again.

What do you love to see your toddlers in come summer?  What have been your favourite spots in the shops?

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  1. It is so important to find good summer clothes for your kids, as well as for yourself. I found some great summer outfits at Burlington Coat Factory. I was surprised at how much better their prices were than in the department stores. I saved over $150 on my last shopping trip.

  2. I love my two in their short longs and bare feet, it’s so cute and reminds me of summers when I was a kid.

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