Is there such a thing as packing lightly with kids?

We’ve got exciting plans for tomorrow.  Stoneleigh Park is holding a Country and Livestock show this weekend; we used to go to the Royal Show when it existed (my mum used to take us, and then we’ve been since being married and taken some of the nephews with us), so it’s great to have another similar show to replace it.   But packing lightly isn’t really happening for me (and I’m only at the planning stage!)

A friend and I (farmers’ widows at weekends) are taking our two boys to Stoneleigh.  There were some ticket deals going on for adult tickets, and with children under 5 being free, it should be a bargain day out even if we do spend while we’re there.

But with two toddlers, neither of whom are likely to make it through the day without a pushchair/wanting to be carried at some point, it’s going to make for a packed car for just one day out.

As I’m on my health kick, I’m planning on a picnic at least for me, so  I’ll make up a mixed grain salad for me, and take some bits and bobs for N (although I did buy some fabulous looking perfect picnic ‘deli’ foods from Sainsbury’s that I might have to partake in instead) to attempt to avoid buying scrummy pork baps which are bound to be on sale.

So that’ll be picnic blanket (if it’s been wet because there are never enough seats), 2 buggies, 2 cool bags for food, 2 toddlers, 2 car seats (thankfully we’ve both got the same type of car so we know the other person’s car seat will fit), bottles of water, sun hats, sun lotion (here’s hoping), change of clothing in case of rain…

Thankfully there should be plenty of entertainment for the boys so no need for additional extras there.  At least taking buggies with us does meant that we’ve got receptacles to carry all the stuff in.  I did wonder whether we’d be able to get away with only one buggy between the 2 of them, but sods law when one gets in, the other will want to as well.

How do you keep packing to a minimum for a day trip?

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