Family fun and laughter

Over the last month or so, we’ve been spending a bit more time with my family due to my mum being ill.  It means that N gets to know his uncle better as we didn’t catch up that frequently, although does means that sometimes N gets confused about where we’re heading off after nursery pick up….going to visit ’momma home?’ or going home to ours as normal.  He also seems to think that any time it’s a woman on the phone (I don’t really get many phone calls), he thinks it’s his Grandma too.

Last week we had my mum and brother over for tea one day.  It was all a bit frantic getting tea made after getting in from work, but did mean N was entertained by my brother – who although he’s grown up, I reckon enjoys getting down on the floor and playing with kids.

My brother was particularly excited by N’s keyboard and guitar.  N ended up more excited about the keyboard stool.  Cue lots of amusement and my brother trying to make N get dizzy (unsuccessfully!)

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