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I spotted the ’73 Questions’ meme on Mum turned Mom, and decided I’d give it a go.  I enjoy these memes, but blimey they take a long time to think about and answer!

73 things about me - Bubbablueandme

1. Were you named after anyone?
Not as far as I’m aware.  Although it turns out that my dad’s cousin called his daughter after my name which is pretty cool.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Watching a tv programme.  I can’t remember which, maybe Musketeers?

3. Do you like your handwriting?
No.  It was scruffy when I was at school and it’s even worse now I rarely do any.

4. What’s your favourite lunch?
A really nice quiche and salad

5. Instagram or Twitter?
Can I be greedy and say both?

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

7. Do you bake?

8. Do you like flying?
Yes, because it’s a novelty

9. Would you bungee jump?
I wouldn’t choose to do one, but I would if needed

10. What is your favourite cereal?
Cornflakes with extra cold milk

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No, and I really should because my favourite walking trainers are now screwed at the heel. Naughty! And not a good example to teach N.

12. Do you think you’re strong?

13. What is your favourite ice-cream?
Pistachio, although mint choc chip comes a close second.

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their eyes

15. Red or pink?

16. What is the least favourite thing about yourself?
My lack of willpower in losing weight

17. Who do you miss the most?
My mum.  And then my dancing friends, because I’ve not been in 4 years, and everyone’s moved on.  I’m only really in contact now via Facebook, although did bump into one the other day in town and it was lovely to have a chat.

18. What was the last book you read because everyone was reading it?
Probably the early Harry Potters

19. What film made you cry the most?
International Velvet as a child, and I’d probably still cry at it now.  I just cry a lot at movies so most that end up being sad or happy.

20.What was the last thing you ate?
Almond croissant

21. What are you listening to right now?
Peter Rabbit on tv in the background

22. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

23. Favourite smell?

24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My brother

25. Mountain hideaway or beach house?
Beach house

26. Favourite sport to watch?
Ice skating, gymnastics or tennis

27. Hair colour?
Mid brown with greys in.  I try and dye it my natural colour, but it usually comes out redder and then fades dreadfully to a reverse ombre colour

28. Eye colour?

29. Puppies or kittens?
Either, puppies are lovely, but kittens don’t chew your toes

30. Favourite food?
Probably Italian

31. Scary film or happy endings?
Happy endings all the way

32. Last film you watched?
I give it a Year.  I don’t even remember recording this, but it had the yummy Simon Baker in it, so was worth a bit of my time even if the film itself wasn’t great.

33. What book are you reading at the moment?
Diane Chamberlain’s Breaking the Silence

34. Summer or winter?

35. Hugs or kisses?

36. Favourite dessert?
Trifle, or profiteroles, or roulade, or pavlova, or chocolate fudge cake, or cheesecake, or….I love puddings.  But probably trifle still tops the list.

37. Favourite room in the house?
None in particular

38. How long have you been on Facebook?
Too long

39. What is your favourite country to visit?
New Zealand.  I suppose it’s really the favourite place I have visited rather than the favourite one to visit regularly.

40. What was the last country you visited?

41. What is your favourite film?
Strictly Ballroom…or any dance movie really

42. Favourite sound?
N laughing.  It just makes me laugh too.

43. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?
The Beatles, although as I get older, I’m appreciating and recognising more of the Stones tracks.

44. What is the farthest you have been from home?
New Zealand

45. Do you have a special talent?
I can do a body isolations and a body roll, although it’s not looking so good now I’ve put on weight

46. Where were you born?
Ascot, UK

47. Where are you living now?
North Oxfordshire, UK

48. Favourite Hitchcock movie?
North by Northwest

49. What book have you read again and again?
I don’t generally re-read books, but it would have to be The Ice Mountain, a children’s book that I loved as a child, and reread recently when I found it clearing out my mum’s house.

50. Favourite TV Series that’s on now?

51. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

52. What’s your favourite drink?

53. Who is your girl crush?
I’ve always liked Reese Witherspoon’s hair

54. What was the first film you saw at the cinema?
Either Care Bears or some other child oriented film.  My mum fell asleep.  Otherwise at a birthday party we went to see Mr Mum.

55. Heels or flats?
I love heels, but wear flats (unless on a rare night out)

56. Favourite bedtime story?
To read to N, A Squash and a Squeeze, because I love doing the accents.  Although really anything that’s not Biff & Chipper, and not the same book that’s been read for the last few nights.

57. Bath or shower?
Shower all the way.  I think I was a child the last time I had a bath.

58. What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?
Not shouting all the time, and having to permanently be picking up toys.

59. Favourite band?
Quite like The Shires and Ward Thomas at the moment, but don’t really have a favourite as I listen to most things.

60. Favourite solo artist?
Don’t really have one favourite.  I listen to pretty much anything.

61. To be or not to be?
To be

62. What would be the title of your autobiography?
She came, she saw, she talked

63. Best gift you’ve ever received?
The OH always says I’m ungrateful for presents, but that’s only when people buy things that obviously aren’t me.  Or in his case, when he’s asked for a list, I’m really specific about an item, and I get the type of product but not one of the specific models I had researched and price checked.  He also gives really practical presents…so my oak wardrobe was a pretty good one.  But one year he gave me a little CD player/radio for the kitchen.  I was really surprised because I’d mentioned them months beforehand, and he remembered.

64. Best gift you’ve ever given?
I’d like to think that all presents I give are really well thought out, so I’m not sure I could choose only one.  My brother loved his guitar pick press, and a fruit tree for my best friend went down well.

65. Favourite fruit?
Strawberries, I think the love for them runs in both sides of our family, and N’s inherited the love for them.

66. What was your first pet?
My brother won a goldfish from the fair, but our first and only family pet was a black cat called Pepper.

67. Favourite board game?
Trivial Pursuit

68. How do you have your coffee?
I don’t drink coffee

69. Best invention?
The internet

70. Diamonds or pearls?

71. Blow dry or air dry?
I prefer my hair when it’s been blow dried, but I’m pretty lazy when I can get away with it.

72. Cheap or expensive shampoo?
Whatever’s on offer, but middle pricing.

73. How difficult was it to answer these questions?
Mixed.  Some were easy, others were really hard.

Feel free to take the questions and leave me a link to your 73 answers.

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