walking with his Gramp on the farm

Project 365 2015 week 17

Onto week 17 of Project 365, and it’s been a sporadic photo week.  I seemed to take a lot of photos of traffic jams…being irate at temporary traffic lights near work, when for the 2 weeks there were none working the traffic flowed the best ever.

On Sunday, I dragged N off down a public footpath alongside a field so I could take some photos of the rape seed crops.  It was a great chance to play with my camera settings, as well as a nice walk and exploration of somewhere new.

rape seed fields

Monday was a normal working day, but afterwards we headed out to play in the garden.  We got out the boomerang we’d been sent and had a good go and trying to get it to return to us.  The information said it had a 15-20 foot range, but it didn’t take much to get it further than that.

booma boomerang flight

Tuesday we had to do a practice run using the Trunki Boostapak we’ve been sent for review.  The next day my brother was going to pick N up from nursery because I had a rare meal out, so he would be using the Boostapak. All I can say is the 2 of us couldn’t work out how to get the shoulder strap bit right, so I ended up having to YouTube it! Oops.  N loved it though.

Trunki boostapak

Wednesday was one of those days where the pre-nursery and work time was manic.  I was running round trying to tidy up, organise everything and make sure N was being looked after nursery, and N wasn’t helping at all.  He just decided to stand there and tell me everything that he could spot on his old Gruffalo trail booklet.

reading about the Gruffalo trail

Thursday excitement was the arrival of the tent I’d bought from Outdoor Gear in readiness of our summer camping break. He’s already run off with the mallet.  My next concern is to track down where my sleeping bag is…under stairs cupboard I’m hoping, because it’s not in the boot of my car.

unpacking the new tent

Friday after nursery N didn’t want to come and see the nurse with me for my INR test so he stayed with Granny.  By the time I came back, he was out on the farm with his Gramps and waiting to go on the tractor with his dad.  He didn’t want to come back in with me.  I love how little he looks in this photo, even though he usually looks like he’s really growing up lots.

walking with his Gramp on the farm

Saturday I was gutted to be missing Blogcamp.  I’d put my name on the wait list very late (ie this week) after FunFest had been postponed, was lucky enough to get offered a space the day before.  Annoyingly we had to go and sort out my Nan’s banks now that my brother and I are now her deputies.  Even worse was that the one we’d struggled to get the appointment for, didn’t even book us in with the right person we needed to see, so we’ll have to wait another 2 weeks for them to be available.  If they’d got that right I’d have been able to go.  Never mind.  Instead I got to sit and wait in 2 different banks, and N (and his uncle) got to play with the toys.

playing in the bank
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  1. I love your rape seed oil photo, I took a trip to one of those fields too and get some lovely photos of the kids. The picture in the farm is so cute with his gramps, he does look so diddy with him.

    1. I know. I don’t think he’s grown a massive amount but he’s definitely matured in himself so maybe that’s showing outwardly as well?

  2. Grrrr banks and appointments, in my experience they always mess them up…very frustrating. I love the photo of N and his Gramps and enjoy the camping, I love it and can’t wait to go again 🙂

    1. It seems that anything that’s a bit traumatic to do – or more unusual – they can’t manage. Took 4 months to open an executor’s account last year even though both of us bank at the same place, and had all the forms done.

      I shall be looking out for camping advice nearer the time.

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