I love Easter poem (1)

School days in April year 5

The school year is whizzing by. We’re already into the summer term, and hoping that within a month or so, we’ll be able to relax some of the social distancing so the children can do things like sports day, although we may not be able to have all the parents together watching. You never know, although it will be a bit weird having so many people in one place again.

April’s been fairly uneventful at school, and started off with the Easter holidays. Here’s our school days in April.

Reading over Easter

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Because the children had been a bit back and forth with only being back in school a couple of weeks, and having worked hard all last term, there was very little homework. N just had a catch up reading comprehension from when he was off sick, spellings and he had to read a book.  I’d just ordered My Parents Cancelled my Birthday so it was timely. N worked out it was 16 pages a day of reading, but it took him 5 days to actually pick it up. He did read it in time but I’m no sure he was that excited about it. He only mentioned what he’d read on 2 days, so I assume he was a bit ‘meh’ about it.

I love Easter poem (1)

New bubbles

The mini bubbles were switched over after Easter, so N’s pleased he’s got 2 of his friends with him. Unfortunately he’s lost the 2 he was with before and stuck with one who’s particularly annoying. The new location isn’t too good as they’re at the back of the room. N is usually further forward because of needing to see the board, but now there’s year 6s at the front. He sometimes has to stand up depending which angle the kids in front are sitting, but he’s stopped moaning about itnow, so hopefully he’s just getting on with it. There’s no more tractor talk now because that friend’s moved, but hopefully mini bubbles won’t have to last all the way to the end of the summer term.

Summer sports and PE

It sounds like hockey’s now switched to cricket. He doesn’t mind cricket, but loves the hockey. I think cricket there’s a lot less action for him (or hasn’t been in previous years). I don’t know how it’s working within their bubbles, but there was a session where one boy was kicking and trying to trip them over, so they had to ask the instructor to keep an eye on it. 

The other ‘sport’ they’re doing is dance, but it’s a virtual lesson done in the classroom. N’s not really a dancer (unless it’s his own version of throwing himself around to music. The first week back he was exhausted after it, and really struggled at tennis that evening. Week 2’s lesson he went in saying he wouldn’t go all out, but when I picked him up he said his tonsils were hurting so had done reading instead.

Hopefully they’ll get outside again and start doing athletics in case they can do sports day. I’m not sure if they’ll do tennis at all, but he was frustrated with it last time, as they didn’t have nets up, and were using starter red balls. Seems a bit pointless for the older classes, especially as so many of them have/do play.

Arrival and warm up

N does make me laugh sometimes. He reminds me of myself when I was at school. At secondary I used to chivvy along my friend I used to walk to school with as she was never ready on the dot. N does the same to me. I tell him we don’t need to be at school precisely when the gates open, but he always wants to get in early. Something about making sure he’s done his handwashing, and then wants to get the full maths warm up completed. He also said he sometimes helps another in his bubble with how to do some of the warm up too. It’s nice he’s helping because in the past he’s been annoyed with people sitting next to him who never know what’s going on because they don’t listen or who interrupt the whole time, but he obviously doesn’t mind helping friends.

So a quiet month at school. No exciting stories, no traumas, no interesting topic work.

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