Children disliking a shower

I’ve talked in great depth before about N and his previous love/hate relationship with baths and swimming.  Thankfully now he loves both.  But we’re still struggling with a shower.

He will now agree to sit in the bath at one end while his dad showers in the other, and doesn’t cry when the shower gets put over him briefly.  He even laughs and quite likes it when he or I pour water from a bottle over his head.  I guess it’s a move on from leaping up and trying to get out of the bath as soon as the shower gets turned on.

He will also (under duress) allow himself to be stood up alongside his dad under the shower….for all of about 10 seconds.

But showers at swimming.

He’ll not go near them.

While all the other toddlers are screaming when they’re told to get out of the showers, N won’t go under them.  He’ll be sitting on the benches in his towel eating his snack!  He likes to watch and comment that other people are ‘in the shower’, but he’ll not go in.

I’m hoping that he’ll eventually just surprise me and wander under one, decide he loves it, then we can move to alternate baths and showers.  It would certainly take a lot less time in the evenings, and waste less water.  But it will mean less time for him to play at pouring water and squirting bottles.  Maybe that’s why he’s wise to them?

bath toy
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