Relaxing toddler

Don’t want to go…toddler refusals

Uh oh, I though as we drove up to his nursery school and N piped up from the back seat ‘Don’t want to go to this nursery school’.

I know it’s a new nursery and the past few weeks he’s been quite cuddly wanting to see me off, but otherwise he’s seemed to settle fine.  We never had this in his day nursery, he’s always rushing in the door to get away from me (but then the first task for the day is breakfast there!).

He has Wednesday at home due to having had a temperature and being a bit dozy on Tuesday, and he’s not fully on top form again yet, but yesterday he seemed to have got on fine.  He’d been a bit cuddly, although he can sometimes be like that if he’s not feeling 100%.

Yesterday was probably a bit unsettling for him as I had to catch the train to London earlier than nursery drop off, so had handed the reins over to the OH…who’d then passed him on to Granny before his Aunt picked up on her way past for school drop off.  He liked taking his cousin to school, and then he was taken to nursery.  He was expecting to be taken home and looked after by one of the nursery staff who has him one day a week after nursery, but I’d been able to pick him up earlier due to change in expected train home.  So all a bit of a mish mash, so he was probably a little unsettled this morning.

Of course, it might have been that he wanted to do the proper school run again.  Once we went up the steps to the nursery and in the door he was fine.  The most easy drop off there so far, despite what he’d said in the car.

He’s obviously not quite got over his cold and peakiness as I rushed in to pick him up to see him asleep on the nursery manager’s lap.  He would usually still nap but at this nursery it’s fewer hours only being school hours, and he’s always too distracted by the other children to nod off himself.  He must have really needed to sleep.

N was a bit hot too, but I think that was just him being quite warm anyway, plus him having a jumper on and sleeping.  He’s always a bit of a sweaty sleeper, and once he was home I checked his temperature and it was way back down to his normal level.  He obviously feels settled at this nursery if he’s happy cuddling up to the staff.

Relaxing toddler
Chilling out

What are the excuses that your children have used when they’ve not wanted to go somewhere?

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