Toddler Bathing

N loves having baths.  He would spend hours in them if he had the choice.  He’s a bit limited on the bath toys front, but that doesn’t seem to worry him.

A couple of sponges and a few scoop things to pour water from and into each other.  He’s not really that fussed about the other toys he has.  He’s quite happy practising blowing bubbles drinking the bathwater.

But when it comes to showers, they’re still a no-no.

So much so, that when his dad comes into the bathroom while N’s in the bath and says “shower”, N gets up and wants to get out in case the shower gets turned on while he’s in the bath.  Bizarrely, he doesn’t seem to mind having his hair washed, even when the water runs down his face.

At swimming, N’s virtually the only toddler who won’t go in the showers afterwards.  The other toddlers are fighting to stay under them, happy to have the water rain over them before they’re dragged kicking and screaming so they can be dressed ready to leave.

I’m hoping soon he’ll get used to them and want to have them.  It would make the bedtime routine so much quicker although less chance for him to further improve his pouring and tipping of water.

Any tips for getting him used to showers (apart from just dunking him) would be welcome.

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