Meal Planning Monday: 4th Feb 2013

It’s that time of the week again: meal planning monday so I’m linking up again with At Home with Mrs M.

Meal planning is a bit of a chore when you’re actually trying to find ideas in all the recipe books, but it does mean you get to try more meals than you might usually, as well as wasting less food.

This week’s plan:

  • Mon – Salmon en croute
  • Tue – Balsamic Chicken
  • Wed – Sausage & onion tart tartin (or may end up just being sausage & mash)
  • Thur – Roasted Pork tenderloin (a Jamie 30 minutes recipe – if I’m thinking of the right one)
  • Fri – Cottage pie with sweet & normal potato topping
  • Sat – macaroni cheese
  • Sun – roast of some sort.

Puddings are likely to include: croissant, pear & chocolate pudding (like bread pudding but nice!), crumble, and maybe a cake somewhere along the lines.

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