Toddlerisms 1: toothbrushing

I’m going to start a new toddlerisms ‘series’, for want of a better name.  Really it’s just to record those quirky little conversations or words that N comes up with that make me chuckle.

At least it’s likely to provide a lot of post ammo, as he does talk a lot and much of it is very mysterious to me.

So, toothbrushing.  N loves doing his teeth, but more so he likes to climb on his step, then the dustbin to get to the ledge behind the sink.  This means he can actually reach the tap to turn it on and off.

First he asks for ‘”teeth”, then “teethpaste”, then he likes the toothbrush to have a “drink”.  ie put the toothbrush under the tap and run the water for as long as he can get away with before I realise and turn it off.  He’s not too bad as he does turn it on and off between “drinks” while brushing, but the joy of having a tap he can turn on and off is unrivalled.

Do your little ones have any teeth themed toddlerisms?

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