Garden fun

For a boy, N’s never really been that into balls.  He loves wheels, but balls he’s not so fussed about.  (And I’m talking about the sporty version there!)

Last year he did really love his ball pit, but more about lying in them than anything to do with the balls themselves.

But he’s started liking them a bit more recently for their versatility, although he’s got an embarrassing girlie throw!  Let’s hope he grows out of that.

He loves his golf set, but I’m not sure his connection is due to estimated fluke rather than controlled intent.  He likes to shout ‘hit the ball’ while he’s trying it so I’m not sure his concentration’s in the right place.  And he’s now got a (Poundland special) cricket bat and ball – again, swings widely rather than doing it how I show him, but he usually connects.

And kicking.  He’s actually pretty good at kicking, although he gets a tad bored and distracted after only a few kicks.  It’s a good job I didn’t sign him up to little kickers as I’m not sure he’d keep his attention span doing one thing for 30 minutes!  He can dribble really well, loves watching me doing it, and is happy to retrieve the ball from wherever he kicks it to.  Although he’s not yet understanding the ‘kick it back and forth between us’ game.

I bought him a big football a couple of weeks ago.  He’s only interested when it’s at home or somewhere there’s no climbing frames.  We took it to the park the other week and he proudly carried it there;  Once we arrived, it was dropped while he ran off to climb on all the frames and slides.

I’m hoping he gets into racquet sports so I can teach him tennis and squash.  I think it’s going to be a long time before he’ll be able to apply himself to any activity like sports for more than a couple of minutes.

After swimming today, the weather was still dry and N could play out in the garden while I was preparing tea. At least there was nothing else going on on the farm for him to try and wander off and see, so I was happy enough letting him do his own thing on the patio.  He’s got a couple of ride on toys and the football made quite a long appearance for N.

Garden fun

His key worker at nursery said the other day that he’d just started joining in playing with the balls and she was surprised at how good he was kicking the balls considering she’d never seen him take an interest before.  Today he played for quite a while with the ball, so his attention is definitely becoming more focused.

We also got his balance bike out.  I usually just push him round the house on it as his feet aren’t flat enough on the ground for him to stay upright, but with boots on his feet are almost flat so I thought we could try it out on the grass.

I’m not sure he was really getting the scooting motion, instead walking it.  Although I think he needs a bit more leg length to scoot it properly.  It doesn’t help that he keeps trying to steer round in circles, rather than concentrating on going straight first of all. He was also more concerned with pretending the brake was a horn. More concentration needed, methinks.

It was a lovely hour or so just spent pottering round in the garden, and hopefully we’ll have some good weather to make the most of it in the summer.

And Peter Rabbit came too
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    1. In more ways than one. Today I forgot his dribble bib and his t-shirt was drenched this afternoon. Think having a cold hasn’t helped.

  1. Judging by the video N seems to be doing just fine with mastering his ball skills and I’m sure he’ll be scooting around on the bike before you know it! Lovely cute photos of him carrying Peter Rabbit wherever he goes – thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  2. Your video is adorable, he is just so cute trying to master his balance bike. I bet he just surprises you when you least expect it and scoots off on it. It’s great to get outside isn’t it. My girls hate being stuck inside x

    1. N just has to get outside every day. Luckily we’ve got the space although it just gets too waterlogged after rain being at the bottom of a hill.

  3. He certainly has a good kick! Maybe one day you will get to join in 🙂 He will be scooting off before you know it I’m sure! My wee man was the same right by the handles trying to push it along!

    1. He gets his scooter, it’s just working out the taking both feet off the floor at the moment! Will be one way of keeping fit for me, keeping up with him once he gets going.

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