Grim view

The other day we decided to nip to Morrisons rather than any other supermarket, mainly because of the 6p off a litre of fuel vouchers they’re currently doing.  I’m not a usual Morrisons shopper – with a choice of there, Sainsbury’s and Tesco in our town, as a loyalty card fan, I’m usually at one of the others for our weekly shop.

On this occasion, N & I had done our shop, and were heading back to the car in the parent & child spaces right at the front of the store.

As I was loading up the car with the shopping, I noticed the shoppers getting out of the car which had pulled into the space next to us…father and mother got out, followed by 2 boys and a girl.  Before the car doors had been shut, boy 1 (aged around 6) stood next to the bonnet on the passenger side (thankfully the other side to where our car was), and promptly pee’d between the 2 cars.  Boy number 2 (aged about 5) decided he wanted to join in, so stood next to him and did the same.

I couldn’t believe it, especially when the father just laughed and pointed out what they were doing to the mother who was sorting out the younger girl.  It wasn’t even that the children were potty training and couldn’t make it to the store toilets, they were plenty old enough to have told the parents they needed the toilet.  And for the parents to just laugh it off, not apologise (even in jokiness) to other people nearby who were astounded.

All I can say is I’m glad it wasn’t next to my car, and hopefully N won’t feel the need to just whip it out for a wee in the middle of supermarket car parks!  Plus I hope they didn’t go mauling the fresh fruit & veg or anything else in the store, because they obviously didn’t wash their hands afterwards.  Grim.

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