Water guzzler

I’m a tad worried amazed about N at the moment.

He’s always liked a drink…water that is, not beer (although the OH is always trying to trick him into drinking the dregs and froth of his Guinness – bleurgh, N obviously takes after me and refuses point blank.  I’ve trained him well, let’s hope that continues at least into his mid teens!).  But just recently he’s been drinking loads of the stuff after getting home from childcare.

He always wants to drink out of my water bottles that I always have on the go, so might have to get him something of his own to have on the go as his sippy cup seems to be out of favour.  I’d rather not have an open cup around the place for him to spill or tip everywhere.

It’s just insane the amount he can put away.

I don’t know whether he’s just not remembering to drink as much throughout the day when he’s playing now and that when he gets home he sees the drink there and remembers.  But he drinks A LOT in one go.

Given we’re going to be starting potty training properly sometime soon, we’re going to have to cut down his post nursery drinking otherwise he’ll never be dry overnight.

Does anyone have any similar experiences of having a water guzzler?

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