Ballet boys

Ok so I’m a wuss.

I love to dance having danced throughout childhood, ballet with a bit of modern dance, until I had to stop for 6th form as we had school on Saturdays.  I then went back to dancing after getting married – salsa then ceroc with a bit of west coast swing (not enough) thrown in towards the end, only stopping after having N.  Having a husband who can’t say in advance whether he can look after N in the evenings isn’t conduscive to actually planning when and where to go, so it’s unfortunately fallen by the wayside.  I really must find something locally to try out as I do really miss it.

Some of our NCT friends decided to take their little ones to ballet class last week.  Ok, so all girls, but I debated whether to take N.  I decided not as I’m not sure I wanted him being a floaty fairy, which I’m sure at the age of 2 or 3 is what most tots ballet classes cover rather than structured specific exercises that could be classed as a bit more strong and manly.  N does love to move and groove, and there was a tots tap class afterwards.  He’s a fan of stomping round the room and making a noise, so tap could be a good thing.  Plus Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were cool, right!?  I know I’d love to tap as it was one thing I never managed to try throughout my dancing days.

I’d mentioned it to my brother and mum.  Hmm, thought it would be a fun thing for him to try and because it was early enough in the morning it wouldn’t make him tired before swimming.  I was surprised at how against it they were.  My brother remembers the 2 strange boys who did dancing at my dance school when I was younger so didn’t want N turning out a bit strange like them.

In the end we didn’t go.  I think I was a bit unsure anyway, and I guess he’d much rather be running round outside than stuck inside a dance school.  We also had stacks of chores and things to get done on a Saturday morning, so it’s probably better we keep it free.  I guess that means Little Kickers is out as that’s on a Saturday morning as well, so I’d better get practising my football skills with him in the back garden once the grass is drier.  I reckon I’ve got more skill than his father has at football.

The girls did love their ballet class on the whole, but yes they rocked baby dolls and pointed toes…I could teach him that at home anyway, but maybe we’ll wait until he’s older and I’ll put on all my street dance and salsa films and he can get into those instead.  I’m determined that when he’s older he won’t be scared of dancing and that it’s good to dance.  I know if a guy can dance, women like it, so it can only be a winner for boy to learn to partner dance when they’re older.

Do you have a boy who dances – at home or at classes?

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