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Review and offer: BassBoomz

After review the BassBuds a while back, I’ve been sent some BassBoomz to review.  N loves to listen to music and dance (although is currently into rocking to AC/DC thanks to his dad’s influence), so the BassBoomz are great to take out and about for the opportunity to listen to music when the fancy takes you.

BassBoomz are high performance bluetooth speakers, so you can use them with any bluetooth enabled music system (tablet, mp3, smartphone or computer). I’ve used mine with my smartphone and the sound is really smooth, so much better quality than I’d expected, and on a par with my ipod docking station sound quality.

The speakers are available in 8 great colours – I was sent the pink (definitely unlikely to be borrowed nicked by one of the older nephews) – the colourways are all really striking and would look great sitting on a desk or dressing table.

bluetooth speaker
BassBoomz – funky bluetooth speaker

As they’re so smaller they’re brilliant for just popping in a bag.  They close up when not in use to avoid damaging the concertina speaker inside.  With a quirky style and look, I reckon it’d be a great talking point having one on your coffee table when you’ve got friends round.  My advice is definitely watch out for your toddler grabbing it.  N was very keen, and loved bopping (unfortunately I seem to have deleted my video of him dancing to it).  Even once we’d put it away, he kept trying to take it out of the box.

Included with the speaker you get a USB charger, and if you’d rather not use bluetooth connectivity (which was really easy to set up), there’s also an aux cable to connect to a phone.  The volume control is through your phone so no fiddling with the actual speaker when it’s in use.

In terms of what BassBoomz have, it’s all highly technical and all about performance:

  • They have an “innovative Bass Expansion System” to ensure you get deep, rich bass tones
  • Built-in high performance Li-ion rechargeable battery, so at 70% volume, your speakers will keep going for 5-6 hours.
  • There’s a high grip base to provide stability, reduced interference and vibration dampening when used on hard surfaces.
  • If you really want to treat yourself or get extra sound (and visual) impact, there’s dual connectivity so you can connect 2 speakers

I reckon they’re perfect for anyone who likes to carry their music around with them, or listen to music in their home office but doesn’t want to buy a huge speaker system or listen on headphones.  Plus of course, teenagers would love them for the vibrant colours options.

I’ve been given a discount code for my readers as well, so if you want to check them out you can buy at www.bassbuds.co.uk/bassboomz using the code BBZ304626 which will give you a £30 discount until the end of February…possible Mother’s Day gift?

Disclaimer: I received a BassBoomz for the purpose of review, but all opinions are my own.

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