Toddlerisms no. 2: the importance of chairs

N views chairs as an important tool in his daily activities.

He’s now got really particular in where he sits at the table.  Breakfast he sits at one end where his dad usually sits for lunch.  Lunch he’ll sit in one of the side chairs, and tea he’ll be happy to sit in his booster seat.  Makes for a different view of the world I suppose.

Chairs are more frequently a means to an end.  Usually with a word or two…

Help…meaning come and drag this chair over for me

Reach…if I pull the chair over to the side, I can reach fruit, breadsticks, snacks, chocolate

Side…I’m pulling it over so I can stand up at the worktop and help chop vegetables or supervise the making of my sandwiches.

The fact that the chairs are heavy oak and huge compared to him, doesn’t seem to slow him down much.

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