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The problem with water fights

I knew it was a mistake to agree to buy N a water pistol.

Yes, I hear you all say ‘are you nuts?’, and obviously I am.

the problem with water fights - Bubbablueandme

Living on the farm and in such close proximity to family (in laws across the drive, brother and sister-in-law’s families within 2 miles, and my brother currently within 2 miles as well) means we see a lot of family. It’s strange because although my family were close, even when we lived under 10 miles away I didn’t see them loads. But now there’s no choice, you kind of bump into them because there’s always family floating around the farm at some time or another.

It’s definitely important we all get on otherwise that would be a nightmare, but thankfully no bust ups yet (or if there have been I’ve not heard about them).

There’s also a lot (and I mean a lot) of joking and teasing going on. Mostly with the grown up men. You’d think once the OH and his brother hit 40, they might have stopped teasing their dad and trying to catch out any visitors to the farm they know.

So the water pistol ask was due to wanting to squirt his uncle. Actually I think it was more the OH wanting to get his brother, but encouraging N as an excuse. I’m hoping all this play fighting and teasing gets out of N’s system on the farm because so far he doesn’t seem to be showing any preference for it at nursery. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. Keep it in the family!

The request was put in for a water pistol a while ago. I kept holding off, because I knew what would happen. I’d be the one getting wet.

But eventually I was in a pound shop and decided I may as well get one. For a quid it wasn’t likely to be great, but might get N over the urge to use it all the time.

Big mistake.

Turns out this pounds worth of water pistol is quite good. As I found to my detriment, getting soaked straightaway even though both he and his dad had agreed to not squirt me (or in the house) if I gave it to them.

They have been enjoying it, and it will be good fun for them in the summer. But I think I might have to get myself a super soaker, or even an empty ketchup bottle to get them back.

Do you have to put up with water fights? What have you used for makeshift squirters?

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  1. We were always of the mindset that Aaron would never hold or play with a gun or anything that resembled one. But 2 Summers ago, like you, I got one in a pound shop. Actually I think I bought two so that he and Daddy could “shoot” at each other. That evening I really excitedly handed it to Daddy, as Aaron had had such fun during the day. Daddy looked at me, in HORROR and reminded me our pre-pregnancy stance on guns. I carried on smiling and laughing and said “but it’s just a water pistol”. It took a few days to even get him to touch it, but like you I have been soaked a few times. They are great fun, but yes you need to buy one for YOU now 🙂 xxxxxx

    1. I don’t think you can get away from guns. Even if they don’t have one, they use a stick to pretend to be one. It doesn’t help that N’s dad likes watching Westerns! At least it helps us talk about what guns should be and can be used for, and how it’s not nice to go round shooting at people (kind of doesn’t apply to water, I hope!).

      On the farm, there’s not much choice though because they do clay shoots, pheasant shoots and pest control. That’s about making sure the kids all respect the shotguns, know what and when they can be used, and how to be safe around them.

  2. Haha, I think you need to invest in a super duper speaker for protection services! #brillblogposts

  3. hehehe! Sounds like great fun!
    We love a good water fight and have always found the Poundshop water pistols to be good for the job x

  4. Washing up liquid bottles used to be my preferred weapon back in the day but they have the challenge of taking a long time to reload. If you happen to be near a store selling swimming pool supplies, take a look and see if they have a syringe style one (my in-laws found them for a dollar). Fast to load, easy to aim, and as a result the target *will* get soaked. For extra effect you may want to consider using chilled water from the fridge (as long as the weather is hot enough) ;-). Unfortunately my personal experience is that the kids haven’t grown out of it yet (our oldest is 10)… but that may be partially due to the Florida temperatures too!

    1. Yep Richard, fairy liquid bottles were the best as kids. I’ve seen the pump style, although you definitely need a bucket ready for reloading. Yep, my ‘child’ at 45 is still enjoying it. No hope for me really!

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