ready for tennis volleys

Project 365 2017 week 12-13 – volleys and feathers

It’s a double week this time for my Project 365, into week 12 and 13.

Week 12

On Sunday, we went for a spring walk in the park so N could scoot.  I was disappointed to only see one tree with blossom. Instead there was a lot more graffiti.  It’s a shame our town don’t have more talented graffiti artists, because it just looks scruffy rather than artistic.

graffiti in town

On Monday, N brought another reading book series home. They do like to swap around a lot at school.  I’m getting confused now because I’m not sure how they teach some of the sounds that are in these books, plus I’m not sure if he’s even learnt them yet.

school reading books

N has got into smoothies again so Tuesday I agreed he could have one to use up the milk and raspberries. This one was banana, raspberries, blackberries and milk.

banana raspberry and blackberry smoothie

On Wednesday I spotted this rainbow.

rainbow against grey sky

On Thursday it was time to finally throw out the tulips I’d bought the week before.  The still made for some beautiful photos.

dead tulip

On Friday it was tennis again and they had a different coach. Their usual one is a little old for a sports coach, and had been ill for a while.  The different coach turned out to be he coach who’d taught me squash back nearly 30 years ago! This view of them lined up doing volleys makes me laugh.

ready for tennis volleys

On Saturday it was a lovely day and we spend some time out in the garden. N decided to make a nest. A week later and it’ still there.

a homemade nest

Week 13

On Sunday it was mother’s day. N and I went out for the morning and lunch to Stratford. I was given 3 homemade cards, and a body and hand lotion which N keeps insisting I keep in the bathroom to use…I don’t use body lotion and am fussy about hand lotion which I rarely use either. Oops. These were the mother-in-law’s flowers.

mothers day bouquet

On Monday, N was back to smoothies again.  Or milkshakes. This one was kiwi and banana and was surprisingly delicious.

banana and kiwi smoothie

I obviously didn’t take many photos this week (not helped by my camera being sent off to hopefully fix the connection between the shutter dial and screen) because on Tuesday, I found this one of N making a milkshake.

making milkshakes

On Wednesday I flunked my diet (and the rest of the week). I had breakfast tortilla ‘baskets’for tea – scrambled egg, hams, spring onion and peppers, plus some cheese. It was really tasty.

breakfast tortilla shells

On Thursday it was time for a quick play in the garden. Or really, I asked N to clear up the swingball poles which had been used for football goalposts. His version of clearing them up was to throw them…they didn’t make it anywhere near the storage box of course.

tossing poles in the garden

On Friday it was the school Easter service at the church.  I was working so couldn’t make it, but arrived to pick N up from the church to heart that his class were going to repeat their performance of ‘I’m a spring chicken’. It was very sweet, but mostly because the whole school including the year 5s and 6s were joining in with the chorus and the actions.  It was so funny to see.

easter chick headdress after school easter service

On Saturday it was a day of chores. Annoyingly N wanted to go out on the farm after swimming, but apart from a bit in the morning when I went food shopping, he stayed in. He wasn’t happy, but he gets bored on the tractor and the job for today was ploughing. This is great for me, because I can presume in future that we’ll be going out somewhere for the day. Plans needed for tomorrow immediately.  We did get outside in the garden for a bit.  N decided to retrieve this feathers which had been left the other night.  The feather clump explains the late night shrieks and fight between a couple of the cats the other night.

pretty feathers

Project 365 logo

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  1. i do like N’s efforts to tidy up. Shame re the graffiti, we can’t all have a Banksy living near us. I stumbled across some graffiti in Dubai the other week, it too was hideous

    1. We do have 1 Banksy copy that was painted near a new shop that was opening. That was quite nice to see. But it is a shame when it’s just scrawled writing and not even arty

    1. I know, small world, although at least it was vaguely in context of sport. What’s even weirder is that she was brought to our charity clay shoot on the farm by the vet 2 years ago. I didn’t get the chance to speak to her then

  2. Yes we have some amazing graffiti in this area, but some that is just a mess.
    Ploughing would be a bit boring, a long time just driving back and forth.
    Shame you missed the assembly but nice to get to hear some of it later.

    1. Anything on the tractor in fields is really boring. I only lasted 2 lengths of a field when I was dating the OH. I’ve never been out with him on one again. Yawn!

  3. I’m with you on the graffiti – scruffy and dull. Why do they waste their time producing such rubbish? I like the look of the breakfast tortillas.

  4. My boy is crazy for smoothies too and yours look fab. Also love the chicken head gear! #365

  5. Your tortilla baskets look very tasty! I had to laugh at the replacement for the old coach being someone who had coached you as a child! That graffiti is dreadful! I love the photo of N as the spring chicken 🙂

    1. I should have grilled the cheese as well, but they were good. I wanted to do fruit and cream, but I think the OH would have thought me a bit nuts!

  6. Ahh! Some graffiti looks awesome. It is a shame that doesn’t.
    My girls love smoothies….That looks very tasty as do those breakfast tortilla baskets. I usually put bolognese mix in mine. I need to try yours!
    Fab photos x

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