Oxford bus museum coach run

Project 365 2015 week 34

It’s week 34 of Project 365, and it’s been a week that’s big on flowers, and more getting outside.  I’ve heard lots of people saying that there’s not been a summer this year, but they’re obviously not living in our area because it’s been pretty warm to hot, and there’s not been that much rain.  I’ve certainly got a good tan this year, despite not having got my outdoor swimming pool tan like last year.

Onto the photos:

Sunday, we visited the Oxford Bus Museum with a friend and her daughter.  We all had a great time, and this coach took me back to my youth and school trips.

Oxford bus museum  coach run

On Monday, it was more bike riding. I left N riding up and down the yard while his dad was fixing something on the tractor fork there.  I don’t know how N can bike in wellies, but he seems to do ok at it!

cycling through the farmyard

Tuesday was more outdoor play and wandering after work and nursery, and I got out the phone to get some close ups of the flowers in our wall.  I then went off and ordered a macro lens for my camera and got a brilliant deal on it.  So I’m looking forward to learning how to use that rather than relying on my phone – however good it is at close ups.

unopened flower

I had 2 car days this week.  On Tuesday it went to have its cambelt changed after the dealer sent me a reminder.  I’d have never realised it needed it doing because this is the oldest car I’ve owned, and the cars I’ve had haven’t needed cambelt changes until around 100k miles.  Luckily my brother sent me to a great little place near work that cost nearly £200 less than the dealer quoted.  But then on the way home, I had a wing mirror clash near home.  So Wednesday the car went back in to get new glass for the mirror.

broken wing mirror

Thursday evening my brother popped over, and N wanted to show him his bubble gun.  Well, his broken, never working bubble gun.  We’d tried it before and it was useless, the bubbles just dribbled down your hand.  But there was no stopping N.  He got his own bottle and tried to make it work.  It still didn’t but I was pleased to see him trying.

Trying to make his bubble gun work

On Friday, the only photo I took was this one of N relaxing and watching YouTube after waking up.  I’m relieved he’s stopped watching the annoying unboxing and playing with Peppa Pig toys, but now he’s onto watching kids with their own channels opening, building and riding on kids tractors. Maybe he’s researching ready for his assault on YouTube?

early morning youtube viewing

Saturday was a bit on the busy side. My brother and I went to visit our nan who’s in a care home. She seemed to be really well and is enjoying living there now which is a relief.  We’d not been for a while so expected her to have gone downhill.  Either she’s very good at covering up her dementia, or it’s not as bad as we were led to believe!  She was remembering recent trips they’d been on, was telling us about recent current affairs, all more recent items that we’d have expected her not to remember.

N spent the morning with his dad while we went there, then we had to do a supermarket shop, do some baking and household chores.  In the afternoon I suggested we went to look for blackberries as I’d seen a few over the last week in other places.  Of course the good field for them was full of cattle, but even the public footpath area wasn’t really accessible because the guys had put an electric fence up next to the hedge.  But the few brambles we did see were nowhere near ready, so we’ve got a few weeks.

going blackberry picking or brambling

project 365

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    1. Much better than my going in to the tyre place for 1 tyre and coming out with 3 new tyres, brake pads and discs. Horrific cost that day!

  1. Same – had 3-4 company cars, and you never know how much things cost, but they’re usually at a dealer. Now this car’s older, it’s fine to take it to a cheaper place.

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