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Project 365 2017 week 35 – holiday days

Onto week 35 for Project 365.  My hosting migration is now there, although it’s not looking perfect yet (missing a lot of my widgets and icons), so I won’t be moving yet. I’ll have to export the posts and images I’ve already written since it all started. If I hadn’t I’d have missed out on 3 weeks of posts! Ridiculous, and it’s annoying that I have to wait til evenings to call which means it’s a long old wait to get things moving on.  Hopefully next week all will be better and sorted out.

Anyway onto the photos from our holiday days.

On Sunday, we spend a lot of time just pottering out in the garden and playing with the dog.  N really does love her a lot. No complaints from her though.

boy and dog best friends

On Monday we headed off for a few days away in Southsea/Portsmouth.  The first evening we ate out at Mozzarella Joe’s on the seafront.  This was a child’s pizza! And no, it’s not the perspective, it really was that big. Bigger than a Pizza Express standard size pizza. Not much was wasted though – N only ate 2 slices there, but we took the leftovers back to the hotel, and he chomped his way through all but the crusts the rest of the evening!

huge kids pepperoni pizza at mozzarella Joes

On Tuesday we spent the morning on West Wittering beach and the afternoon we stopped in at Fishbourne Roman Palace. I don’t think N was that excited by any of it apart from this ribbon weaving. He finished the ribbons off, then ordered me to take photos.

weaving ribbons at Roman Palace muscum

On Wednesday it was a rainy day until 3pm so we headed to the historic dockyards in Portsmouth. We only got to the first deck on HMS Warrior when N started getting scared and crying and refusing to see the rest. He seems to have a thing against boats. I’ve no idea why – he’s been on a river tour down the Thames, been on a canal boat and never had a problem, but he does seem worried about them sinking. Even Victory which is dry docked he refused to go on. Sigh.  I did manage to get him into the Mary Rose part and round a shipping apprenticeship exhibition which he liked. So it wasn’t a total wash out (despite the weather).

boats and HMS warrior at Portsmouth

On Thursday we stopped off at Marwell Zoo on the way home. It’s a great zoo, but N loved the Lego bricks trail. There’s no way we’d have stayed 6 hours if they’d not had that.  He spent nearly an hour sitting in this huge Lego pit making combines and ploughs (minus wheels, the pit was grey bricks only), and then 3 houses.

enjoying the giant Lego pit at Marwell Zoo

On Friday, N wanted to go with his Gran and Gramps to see a frenchman about some sheep.  So I had a couple of hours free to nip over to Upton House to see their Made to Measure Home exhibition. I wangled a house timed ticket for the time I arrived, and whizzed round. It’s nice to live close enough to just pop in because it’s really not somewhere we’d spent a whole morning or afternoon.

corridor at Upton House

On Saturday my brother came over so he could take N out on his quad bike and they could go brambling. I decided to go for the walk as well, and while it was boiling hot and a bit of a tiring walk out round the back of our hill, it was lovely to go out there, and N loved being out on his bike.

pile of blackberries
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