Half term is nearly over for us – back to work and school on Monday.  N spent Monday and Tuesday working on the farm with his dad, and checking lambing progress – he has 10 ewes due to give birth, althoguh this year is a bit confusing because they’re not clear which of the 20 sheep are his and which are his cousins. I suppose they’ll just divvy them up once all have had their lambs.

Then we had 3 days away, one night was a complimentary hotel stay for a review, and then I’d booked another night elsewhere. We were only an hour away the other side of Milton Keynes, but we tried to get out and see a few things.  I’ll be sharing more on our stay over the next week or two. Let’s just say one hotel was cool because of the location and the other was just stunning.

This week’s photo I’m sharing for My Sunday Photo and Project 52 was one taken at Whipsnade zoo while we were away. It wasn’t the best experience we’ve had at a zoo – it was just way too cold and miserable, and we didn’t get to see much. But a couple of the animals we saw inside, we got to stand right up close, just the other side of the glass.  The zebras were so funny, this one was just standing in the right place for all the visitors to get a selfie with him. It was like he knew he had to pose. Plus it turns out the red of the heaters, is a great tone for the skin!

zebra selfie at Whipsnade zoo
zebra selfie


  1. Oh we love Whipsnade but yes in the cold it probably isn’t much fun! Love the photo!

  2. Whipsnade is one of my favourite places but a wet cold day is not the best time to enjoy it that is for sure


  3. love the Zebra selfie….wonder if he would be so keen if he knew he would be all over the internet?
    Glad you enjoyed your few days away.

    • My take out would be – restaurant doesn’t open til 7 so we had to eat in the bar as N wouldn’t wait til then. And he was the only child as far as we saw. Turns out a friend from the village is a school friend of a girl who’s mum used to own it, so she used to go there to visit her friend. Small world.

  4. Hi Emma, this photo is a classic, it’s not everyday you get to take a photo with a consenting zebra. They are funny looking creatures, aren’t they? Almost unreal.


  5. Haha love the zebra photo. We’re surround by two big farms at work and we were just wondering this week if lambing is about to start. We spend a lot of time looking out the window at them all. We go back this week too but thankfully not till Tuesday!

  6. What a super selfie!
    It looks as though we’re looking at the Zebra through those 3D glasses!


  7. Helpful Mum

    This is such a fantastic picture! Glad you had a good half term. Mine are back at school tomorrow too.

  8. What a great shot! Half term has been busy but fun for us. I love that the better weather is just about to start 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  9. Susan K Mann

    Zebras are fascinating aren’t they? Fantastic photo and sounds like a lot of fun x

  10. Lovely selfie with a zebra. What a bummer the weather was not good. Was it taken on Wednesday? We went to the garden centre but returned earlier because of the rain. Hope the lambing goes smoothly. looking forward to seeing photos from your hotel stay.

  11. Erica Hughes

    I think you need decent weather for a zoo visit. I remember going to London Zoo once for a blogging event and the heavens were open all day – it was miserable. Luckily I’d brought a change of socks for us and it was nice to have dry feet on the way home. Love the zebra pic.

  12. 20 ewes, how exciting for N, hope the lambing goes well, we are waiting on our first. Love Whipsnade, its my childhood zoo, lovely pic of you.

  13. The zebras look like they’ve had ready break for their breakfast lol I was amazed to find out half term in Wales has only just started here #mysundayphoto #365

  14. sarahmo3w

    What a fantastic photo! It really looks like he knew he had to pose.

  15. It sounds like a good week…We’re finishing half term too. I don’t want the kids to go back to school on Monday. I like having them home.
    That is the perfect pose by the zebra. Very well timed x

    • The funniest picture was the one of N with the zebra. It looked like they were kissing. One for the photo album or to be kept for his future wedding speeches

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